Tuesday, October 13, 2015

on island time

i have returned from seclusion.

i blogged a few times about the family move this summer, but as a recap: my mom and stepdad bought a new house on a fairly small island (population of only about "a couple hundred", according to my mom) near my hometown of kingston. not super far from where they used to live - aka the old family house in the suburbs that i spent my teenage years in, as well as all my trips home during my twenties - but still pretty remote and accessible only by two small ferries. the island hosts a lot of cottages and summer homes, so for the most part they're big, beautiful places right on the water. my parents will be there year-round, though, but it's still the closest i'll ever get to having a cottage in the family, albeit one with spotty wifi.

so this past weekend was my first time seeing it for myself (i was there for the canadian thankgiving weekend), and here's what the place looks like:

i got up at 6:56 a.m. to take this shot. worth it.

the house! snapped from down on the dock.

the aforementioned dock. (that's a river out there, not one of the ontario lakes)

the view out onto the water from the backyard. the line of land in the distance is new york state, which explains how my phone kept pinging in to at&t and t-mobile service all weekend.

it was all very relaxing and beautiful and impressive, but it's a little too cut off for me. i grew up pretty well isolated out in the deep country; i'm more than happy to be a city girl now. (also, i do like to roam around through downtown kingston when i visit, and that's pretty much impossible now) this is exactly what my mother has always wanted, though, and she's just overjoyed with the place. i'm fine for my usual couple visits a year, but i'm always happy to hop on the train back to my home in toronto at the end of it.

so yes, canadian thanksgiving with the fam:

...but also the tail end of my birthday celebrations:

i was met at the train station on friday (my actual birthday) by my parents and the above balloon, then was off to a greek restaurant downtown for a family dinner in which i proceeded to drink a lot of wine and also a free birthday shot from the bartender. unfortunately, my birthday rolled around the same time as my dreaded "black moods" of pms, and so i spent a lot of the day feeling morose and crying about continuing to age. what can i say, i can't deal very well.

but once the day was done and i'd drunkenly sobbed myself out, i felt a lot better for the rest of the weekend. aside from the gifts i'd already mentioned (the ones from my boyfriend, and the suede coat my mother gave me the money to buy back in september), i made off quite well -- multiple gift cards (two starbucks, one lcbo, and two sephora ones that i promptly cashed in for a bottle of my favourite crazy expensive face serum), three new books, and a goddamn waffle iron. hell yes. (it's not even like i eat a lot of waffles, really; my dad was just interested in getting me a new kitchen gadget and i figured it might be fun)

also, a few flashbacks i found:

this is my handwriting when i was like, 12, so i was astounded that my mother still had this box for storage. (they moved at the end of august, but they were still unpacking.)

my boy. this is my handsome kitty in what looks like the prime of his ferocious youth (he got a lot bigger). he passed away many years ago from old age and heart complications, and this is probably the only decent photo i have of him. my glorious rough tough tomcat. i still miss him all the time.

kid/teenage years: my sister, stepsister, stepbrother, and me, with murder in my eyes. (i still feel this way about family photos.)

there's all these pictures plus a few more from my trip over at my tumblr, if you're interested/bored. right now, though, i've got a ton of work to do this week, so i'd better get started -- hope the turkey fairy was good to all my fellow canadians!

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