Monday, July 6, 2015

fake empire

posted on my tumblr with the accompanying caption "I maybe have a problem":

so by now in my copy of neko atsume, i've got the home expansion plus a renovation, and i'm basically attracting cats to every surface and toy i put out. it only took me five days to attract every single one of the 45 cats available, so now the goal is to make them all happy enough that they bring me the full collection of treasures you can get (i only have 23 of those so far). it's a hilariously weird and cute game that you could just play for whatevs, but i like having an objective.

in conclusion, you should all download neko atsume and let me know which cat is your favourite. (i've since got my cat-loving boyfriend hooked on it as well, and we've since spent a shameful percentage of our time together checking on our cats and comparing notes.)

i've been saying lately - and i will keep saying - that i probably need to get a cat this year. i am a Cat Person. (yes, that's serious enough to receive capital letters.) my family always had cats when i was growing up, always females, always siblings -- frisky and benji when i was four; baskets, cinnamon and mittens when i was seven; and the two exceptions to the rule, cleo (probably the most adorable kitten ever) and my dear sweet boy mr. gray (whom i found wandering our property as a stray and pleaded with my parents to let me take him in). after all the years and a move to the city, mr. gray - my tough old fightin' tomcat - ended up being the last cat standing, but he passed away from a heart murmur while i was away at university. he was the best cat and i still miss him.

yet i've moved around so much as an adult that i've never had the chance to adopt a cat of my own. it's just never been the right time for me -- i'm always working, or moving, or busy, or not able to take on the responsibility. plus i've always felt conflicted about condemning a cat to a small living space; i know there are many people out there who'll argue that you can raise a cat that will be happy living indoors in a small home, but that's not me. i grew up with barn cats, cats that loved to roam around outside, and i just can't imagine them being happy otherwise. and since i'll never make the kind of money that would buy me a large house with a yard, i've never been entirely sure i should even get a cat.

still, it makes me sad. my stepsister has a cat. my sister has two cats. (my stepbrother broke the pattern by getting a dog.) the closest i have is a tumblr "kitteh" tag that currently has 257 pictures of cats. and sure, i have plenty of neighbourhood cats to visit with - especially my favourite floof - but sometimes i really want a warm purring ball of cuddles hanging around my place. i totally torture myself regularly by looking through the ranks of toronto cat rescue. sigh. (i especially have a weakness for boy cats, in the memory of mr. gray.)

my main dude doing one of the things he loved most: sleeping tucked into a still-warm bed. (the other would be eating -- my family used to joke that mr. gray loved food first, caitlin second)

on a completely separate topic, last week allegra and i went to see magic mike xxl on opening day, and it was so, so worth it.

allegra and i saw the first magic mike together in theatres back in summer 2012, and we were, well, pretty disappointed. not just in the lack of full frontal (ha ha), but in the fact that it was long, drawn-out, and weirdly dull for a movie about male strippers. channing tatum spent most of the movie trying to win over a boring, crabby girl who had all the personality of a wooden plank. it was beautifully shot, though, and the dance sequences were top notch, and shit yeah, that "pony" striptease that channing tatum does is just the best. so there was definitely potential for something better, yet i didn't exactly expect there'd be a sequel. what a pleasant surprise!

this movie actually went above and beyond the first. it established personalities for all the guys, and made them all seem like the best dudes you could ever hang out with. in her stellar review, stacey may fowles notes how the movie emphasizes a new type of bro -- one who respects women, is in touch with his sensitive side, always has your back, and is able to joke about things without being offensive or assholish. i was brought up by feminist parents, so this is the kind of guy i want to believe is most widespread than not. i want to believe all men are like the guys of magic mike, even if they don't have the 10-pack abs. you could feel safe with these guys, and they seem to just really value people, men and women equally.

director gregory jacobs had a great thing to say in this interview at now: "I kept saying, 'I want to make a movie about friendship - between guys, between men and women, between women and women.'" and all of this is really wonderfully portrayed in magic mike xxl. there's just so much respect between everyone, and even when the guys clash, they eventually hash it out by talking through their issues with each other. there's no demeaning of women, no threats, no derogatory accusations of being "gay" just because the dudes are in touch with their emotions. it's so modern and really a game-changer when it comes to cinematic depictions of male friendship, if you ask me.

in short, i would go see it again, and i think pretty much everybody (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) should go see it too. (for those easily offended by nudity, there's no full frontal, just a lot of abs and the occasional bare butt) here's the most perfect recap ever (warning: spoilers) by roxane gay over at the toast as well as a more supernaturally fun review at io9. and, because i love you, here's a video of channing tatum busting out all the dance moves:

gym now, more writing later.

p.s. i just booked a trip to kingston for friday july 24th to monday july 27th, because 1) i want to give my dad his father's day gift; 2) i want to say goodbye to the family home as well as scavenge anything that my parents won't need in the new place (my mom and stepdad are looking to move out by the fall, but sooner if they can); and 3) my mother has tasked me with going through my old belongings that are still in storage at the house. this should be interesting, to say the least.

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