Monday, April 20, 2015

spring cleaning

been busy, been doing stuff. hello!

in yo' face. with doritos.

then again, i haven't been super busy - mostly trying to quell the pangs of jealousy when i see how many of my friends are on vacation in cool places right now; i get supremely itchy feet at this time of year - but there hasn't been much going on that's called for blogging. also, i occasionally get into moods where i feel like keeping my life to myself, which i know is at odds with the whole "publicly blogging" thing i've been doing since, oh, 2000. but sometimes i would rather keep the details of things (because most of it is happy contented fuzzy feelings, and who wants to read about those? blech). plus, let's just say i have a decent sense of who keeps checking up on me and my life. hello.

however, having some fortunate free time in the blooming pre-spring does afford the opportunity to smell the roses:

enjoy beers on a sunny wednesday afternoon:

and stop to pet neighbourhood kitties:

(here is also a video shot by the boy, of the friendly floofcat who lives a couple streets over from me. video also featuring me saying "are you recording?" and laughing stupidly in delight as floof chats with us)

yep, spring is coming to this big beautiful city of mine, if the gross drizzly weather outside this morning is any indication, and with spring comes that venerable hallmark holiday: mother's day. this year, my father was strangely insistent that i spend that weekend in kingston to see my mother, which was weird to me since 1) my mom isn't elderly or sick and 2) i never go to k-town for mother's day (except for once, way back in 2009 -- also the leonard cohen weekend!). so after checking in with my mom to ensure that she's not on her deathbed (she's not, and was puzzled about my dad's sentimentality, but he's like that), i scored super-cheap train tickets to kingston on thursday the 7th, staying til monday the 11th. it was actually decent timing, since i've been missing my family a lot lately, and also kingston starts getting pretty around may. it's pretty brown and dead and boring right now. (hopefully i'll be able to keep the boredom at bay during this trip -- it would have been way better if sean could come too, but it's projected to be a busy work weekend for him, sighhhh)

here's the uber-appropriate mother's day card i picked up yesterday:


gotta say though, i'm more looking forward to the week before kingston -- because i'm getting a haircut on the wednesday, and then i have tickets to the 7 p.m. showing of avengers: age of ultron on its opening night. stoked.

by the way, believe all the hype you've been hearing about netflix's daredevil series. i'm down to the last two episodes, and it's taken a lot of restraint on my part to not binge on the entire series at once. way, way better than i was expecting. i was never a huge daredevil fan but i definitely am now, especially after this:

who's a sucker for a badass smirk? this girl. right here.

(still not sold on ant-man, though.)

what else? hmmmm well, i already posted about this on my tumblr (which generally sees more action than this blog, but likely because it can be updated quickly and it's mostly pictures, so check there if you really want to keep tabs on me?), but as part of spring refreshing, i tend to add a bunch of new songs to my ipod. makes for good listening. here's what i've recently added and/or been playing repeatedly as of late -- lots of sunny happy tracks for sunny happy walks:

the 1975 - the city
queens of the stone age - 3′s & 7′s
magic man - texas
st. lucia - closer than this
arkells - come to light
tokyo police club - your english is good
css - jager yoga
brandon flowers - can't deny my love
ms mr - hurricane
the xx - together
justice - dvno
walk the moon - shut up and dance
charli xcx - boom clap
golden coast - break my fall

and many more beyond that, obviously. (my ipod isn't even half-full, though, which i ought to remedy at some point. i'm picky, though.)

i need more coffee. heart u.

[ music | cold war kids, "first" ]