Tuesday, April 22, 2014

well baby are you mine

so sometimes you get lost.

sometimes you find yourself chasing after ghosts, or looking for a phantom limb, and you miss the point of everything completely. sometimes you convince yourself it's safer to stick to what you know, even if you're aware that what you know is a giant sack of bullshit and lies that have never worked out for you. sometimes you stick with something because you're stubborn, because you don't like to give something up without a fight, because you're certain you can fix things and change things and save things if you just have enough time, if you just do everything right. sometimes the only thing you know is that you're not being treated very well, but you keep a shaky smile on your face anyway, telling yourself that you're fine, everything's fine, you're fine. you'll be fine.

but then sometimes you meet someone who convinces you, at last and finally, that you deserve a whole lot more than that.

sometimes you do.

i am a very happy girl right now.

[ music | bloc party, "talons" ]