Tuesday, May 7, 2013

here comes the sun

whew! hi.

now that the sun is coming out more often - and i get to unearth my collection of cute skirts and sundresses - my previously-cloudy mood is improving greatly. also making me feel happier these days is, obviously, my favourite hockey team's current run in the stanley cup playoffs -- the first one in nine years, remember? (i also like the feeling that i'm doing my family proud -- my father's family were scottish immigrants who settled in toronto and adopted the team as their own) because i work downtown now, i walked over to maple leaf square outside the air canada centre to watch game 1 last wednesday with approximately a billion other leafs fans.

the above triptych of awesomeness snapped by leafs buddy erin. (we unknowingly coordinated our knee socks.) unfortunately, as the narrative goes, the leafs lost game 1 pretty badly. erin and i spent most of it in a bar close to the arena, drinking away our sorrows. well, that's how it goes.

this really didn't make the night much better, either:

fuck my life and everything in it.

then there was game 2 on saturday -- i was very kindly invited to watch the game at a friend's new house, and in between barbeque and beers, there was much screaming and celebrating with each leafs goal. i think i had minor heart attacks at both the kessel and jvr goals. holy crap, this is playoff hockey. echoed especially when my subway car home was happily invaded by drunk dudes toting flags and jerseys and chanting players' names at the top of their lungs (i joined in, obviously):

party time, bro!

after my vision/head cleared the next morning, i had to get my ass in gear early in order to have the beautiful sunday afternoon free for smoking multiple cigarettes and getting smashed off my ass on cheap prosecco. just like my university-student days, but with more nagging responsibility and the dumb drive to get up at 8 a.m. on a weekend in order to go to spin class! (well, it...sort of makes me feel better about shit i do to my body, anyway.)

of course, park hangs with friends are a must to welcome springtime (though honestly, it's practically summer here in toronto already) -- even better when said friends are former coworkers that you've been missing. it's been a billion years since i've just spent a sunny day lounging around trinity-bellwoods park, and last sunday was absolutely perfect for this.

having double-jointed elbows means your arms can sometimes look really, really fucked up in photos. i don't actually know what's happening with my left arm, there.

megan's arms are very normal by comparison.

sunny happy alison.

ingeniously, a pair of girls were walking around the park and selling handmade flower crowns. they noticed i was already wearing a flower headband, so they came right over to supply my pals with botanical accessories of their own. most excellent. (we were later asked if we were part of a bridal party or something. to be fair, this was also while we were drunk and scaring children.)

and then there was way too much drunken eating of deep-fried food at the lakeview, the end.

so, there you go -- life update, nothing deep or serious-business here. it's kind of hilarious how i feel the need to post fluffier entries in order to reassure people that my life is good times; it's not all doom and gloom and angst and brooding. (also funny how i usually write that stuff as an antidote for all the chipper, happy, omg-best-life-ever stuff that people broadcast over their social networks; nobody's life is as perfect as they display it, and i would rather show mine with its warts and all. it's more real, right?)

okay, work time now (hopefully with a minimal of freaking out over the austin city limits lineup and trying to figure out how i can go). as i always say to the boys before they go on tour: be good, but not too good. later.

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