Sunday, March 10, 2013

in bloom

spring is coming, and holy shit goddamn am i ever going to miss this coat:

i originally bought it for a number of reasons - it was 50% off; the ridiculous fur collar; my previous winter coat was so worn out that the right arm was basically tearing off - but i haven't regretted how stupidly outrageous it is, and now that it's finally(!) warming up outside, i'm already mourning the loss of my diva-ness. the above look goes over real well in yorkville, let me tell you. (and yet i am poor, and not at all famous, and actually a farmgirl from the sticks. i just know how to fake it really, really well.)

thus sayeth the girl who is too ashamed to admit just how many leather jackets she owns. the madness must end. (though i guess it's a testament to how much i am my mother's daughter.)

and now, for an equally ridiculous admission: last week, i didn't go to the gym for four whole days. four! holy fucking shocking, i know. but seriously, ever since i was 21, i've been very adamant to hit the gym no less than four days a week, and at least six days (sometimes all seven if i'm bored). over the last couple of years, it's not even about maintaining or keeping in shape; it's more about the catharsis, and having something to do that's good for me, and keeping myself feeling happy. there's been a billion scientific studies about how regular exercise staves off depression, and i absolutely believe that. but for me, last week, i just wanted to try indulging my slothful side that always wants to go home at the end of the day and lie on the couch and drink a lot of vodka.

surprise! crappy moods ahoy.

no surprise: it requires an ass-ton of self-discipline to go to the gym every day. i don't really enjoy it, and i do really enjoy sabotaging and/or undermining my self-discipline. so even though i decided to try giving in to my impulses to take a load off and relax, i found that i...wasn't relaxing. i felt crummy and lazy and tired. and the more i stayed away from the gym, the less motivated i was to return. and then thursday night's spin class was exhausting. vicious cycle (no pun intended).

so, lesson learned: after making the gym part of my routine for so long, taking it out does more harm for me than good. also, probably wasn't a great idea to try this experiment the same week i decided to cut out coffee after 2 p.m. (my sleeping patterns have been ruined for so long now, and i suspect it's all the coffee i drink), because man oh man i was surly and short-tempered. more so than i usually am, that is.

still, as always, it only takes friends and booze in combination to cheer me up:

oh and i also got instagram, finally, which works for me on a variety of levels. a social network? pretty photography? a place for all my self-indulgent snaps? yes, yes please, sign me the fuck up.

this is one of my favourites right now:

that's my daily mantra (posted on my laptop), inspired by this wonderful quote:

yep. have a good fucking life. that's all there is to it, really.

p.s. there may or may not be a vlog in the near future, so stay tuned for that piece of insanity.

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