Tuesday, February 12, 2013

mix it up

current state of the home bar, post-america restocked and reloaded:

(this isn't even including the bottle of segura brut and 4-pack of dieu du ciel's peche mortel i have in the fridge, or the three bottles of vodka and one bottle of jagermeister in my freezer. ouch.)

those of you who know me through twitter, or facebook, or - gasp, shock - real life, know that i have a variety of interests that i'm not shy about voicing my passion for (chief among them coffee, hockey, music, crossfit, baking, obsessively buying cute underwear, and swearing at things). but given how out of hand my liquor collection is becoming, i think it's time for me to finally make good on my threat to go to bartending school.

see, this has been an ambition of mine for, oh...probably seven years now. back when i graduated from university, i figured i'd backfill the time between post-grad and an actual career by working as either a barista or a bartender; both were hospitality skills that i'd wanted to attain, for some weird reason. given that becoming a barista was both easier and cheaper (since it didn't require any special courses or licenses), i ended up going that route, and hence slung coffee for almost two years before finally breaking into marketing and public relations. thus, my bartending ambitions were regulated to hobby status -- see above photo.

really, it would still be a hobby now - i'm very much okay with my current full-time career in pr - but really, going to bartending school has been something i've been swearing i'd do for years now. and now it looks like i'll finally have both the time and money to make this longstanding ambition actually happen. ah, the simple joys of freedom when you're an adult with disposable income and some extra time on her hands.

someday, though, maybe i would like to be a bartender. it was definitely an idea i toyed with when i was living in vancouver (and um, working as a barista) because it looked like fun, it seemed to pay well, and i enjoyed the science of mixology. it's funny how i wouldn't describe myself as a people person in everyday life - it generally takes an effort for me to be social, and words that have been used to describe me include "surly" and "hostile" - but i can turn it on (and light it the fuck up, if i do say so myself) in the workplace if i need to. so i think i might make a good bartender, at some point in my life.

granted, i have a very good friend who's a bartender, and she's told me enough horror stories that i really ought to be thinking twice about that ambition. oh well, hazards of the job, etc.

at the very least, working an office job has made me realize that i do sort of miss getting out and interacting with the general public every day. sure, there's a higher potential for crazies and stalkers, but in retrospect, it was kind of good to see new and different people all the time. i mean, when you're an adult who's pretty crappy at being social (see above's mention about how i have to force myself into it), how else do you meet people? this is definitely something i've struggled with, more so now that i'm a single girl.

still, i guess bartending school in and of itself would be somewhere to meet likeminded booze nerds; we'll see on that one. i get kind of shy and quiet in class scenarios.

in the meantime, my current libations of choice:

  • thin mint (2 oz crave chocolate mint liqueur + 1 oz vodka + 3 dashes chocolate bitters)
  • aviation (2 oz gin + 2 tsp maraschino liqueur + 3/4 oz lemon juice - no creme de violette because it's not available in canada, and floral booze is gross besides)
  • unnamed drink of deliciousness (2 oz gin + 1/2 oz cherry heering + 2 dashes angostura bitters)
  • girly flavoured vodka on the rocks (generally 3 oz three olives smores vodka or pinnacle whipped vodka, with a maraschino cherry as well because fuck you that's why)

thank god sober month is over, the end.

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Jendra Berri said...

I can't tell you how badly I want a martini. Your collection is delightful.

Caitlin H. said...

i absolutely think that i was inspired by your little hutch of booze back when we were roomies, so long ago ;)