Wednesday, February 27, 2013

better already

so many intense blog posts about feelings lately! (and also vague - there's a reason why i have a "frustrating vagueness" tag for my posts) let's lighten 'er up with a general life update:

- i currently own 50+ bottles of booze, and i have the best-stocked home bar of anyone i know. my father, ever-concerned by his youngest daughter's burgeoning alcoholism, was not impressed by this news. but, i am proud. (sign that i'm legitimately becoming a collector: my next planned acquisitions at american liquor stores are nocello and creme de violette, which i would never drink straight-up but need as ingredients for cocktails. nerrrrd.) also, it's probably not great that i'm looking into expanding into bitters, which are not cheap. sigh. (hilariously, i won a gift card to skymall through work, and i'm looking at new stemware and/or bar accessories as opposed to, like, a life-sized garden gnome or whatever.)

- the leafs are winning (not every game - they're not the chicago blackhawks - but they're doing well overall) and that brings me great joy. playoffs? playoffs. also, by the grace of erin, this ridiculously adorable phil kessel doll will soon be in my possession:

aaaaaaand i die of happiness at the cute, thank you.

- march: the social month! for a month that's typically filled with slush and grey skies and blah, there's a lot happening -- drinks and a rock n' roll show on friday; baking party on saturday afternoon; dinner n' hockey hangs with friends throughout the month, plus a bunch of upcoming gigs to attend around town as well. combine that with my usual routine of crossfit and leafs games and i think i'm doing a good job at keeping myself busy. march looks like it'll be a stark contrast to the last month and a half or so; i've kind of disappeared off the social grid as of late, but that's okay. it's been needed. when it comes to life troubles, i've never been one of those "just get out there and have fun and take your mind off it" people; i need solitude, and quiet, and the ability to do things as i want. i am very much a non-people person when i need my space. so.

- i bought this tank top and i'm in love with it basically:

(in case you're not up to date on your gofficks, merciful release is/was the record label run by the sisters of mercy's andrew eldritch) sadly, although i scored it for $10, it was a deal because it was at the hell's belles closing sale. i spent far too much money and time at hell's belles over the years, and i can't describe my excitement when i first found it -- such a cool little goth/punk/rock n' roll fashion shop. and although a burger's priest is going into the location (yes!), i'll still miss browsing through the racks of tripp and lip service and other skimpy pvc-accented pieces.

oh and i also got these garter-topped thigh-high fishnets for like $5:

i'm fancy. also, a sucker for things like thigh-high stockings and knee-high socks. back when i worked for a particular coffee-shop chain, i managed to get away with wearing black knee socks topped with red frilly lace and printed with little cherries. i pulled in a lot of tips. (also, looking at those two photos, how hilarious is it that i'm almost thirty? i mean, sadlarious if you're me, but pretty amusing regardless. i feel like i still look like a child.)

- my student debt is almost - almost - paid off. this is a pretty big deal for me, as i've had that massive amount of cash hanging over my head for six years now. but, slowly but surely, i've managed to get it down to an amount that's still astounding for me to see -- i mean, i could pay that off now if i wanted to sink some of my savings into it, but i'd rather hang on to that. still, it was my longtime goal to be debt-free by the time i hit thirty, and it's looking like i might actually(!) see that happen. which is crazy and awesome and feels absolutely accomplished.

- coffee and cigarettes are the only things that make me feel remotely like myself these days. not really great on the former, definitely not great on the latter. but these are the things you do to get you through.

and i'm out, for now. be good, be well, be happy.

[ music | that's hockey on tsn in the background ]