Tuesday, February 5, 2013


as of last night, i completed my stay on dry island -- i made it one month without drinking any alcohol whatsoever. one whole goddamn month.

for me, this was a feat of major proportions. if you know me at all, you know that i really love booze - and i really love drinking - and i pride myself on the massive collection of alcohol i have on my apartment's bar shelf/cart (and fridge, and freezer). i'm very much into mixology and i have a ton of the books and tools, not to mention this gorgeous work on my kitchen wall. it's absolutely commonplace for me to spend late evenings with a glass of vodka on the rocks, or to pour a slug of bailey's in my weekend coffee. thinking back on it, i actually don't think i've gone without drinking for that long in years.

i mean, here are my bar shelves:

i am a collector. (not an alcoholic, mom.)

anyway, i'd read a bunch of articles about "drynuary", and i figured that after burning my liver out over december, i might as well try to dry out for the month of january. i was aiming to start on new year's day but, er, hair of the dog was needed after that new year's eve party, so i actually didn't get started until january 5th. still, january was a good idea since it's generally a shitty cold month, which means less going out and more hibernating at home. worked for me. (reactions from almost all my friends were pretty much variations on "what kind of a terrible idea is that?!" we are all social drinkers, what can i say)

three main observations:

1. i have never been so bored in my goddamn life.
2. i have never drank so much perrier, ever.
3. all of my money saved on liquor ended up being funneled towards purchases of cute panties.

also, a nagging reminder that i never lose weight so quickly as i do when i go sober. well, fuck everything.

i only really had a tough time during the few occasions where i went out to shows or parties with friends; see that first point about being absolutely, ungodly bored. additionally, there were a few rocky days mood-wise where i would have stabbed somebody for a drink, but i soldiered through (see the second point about drinking so much perrier -- at least i could pretend there was vodka in it). it also made me a bit sad to not be able to booze up my coffee - and to not participate in last sunday's "champagne brunch" with all-you-can-drink mimosas - but oh well.

also, flying sober also proved to be much less than fun. ugh.

so for my celebratory bender (ha ha) today, i donned the enemy colours of blue & white and went to see the leafs take on the capitals -- in washington, dc.

it was nicklas backstrom lawn gnome night. look, i just went with it.

and then the leafs won and all was right with the world, the end.

if those photos (and my mention of flying) were any indication, no, i'm not in toronto right now. i actually haven't been in toronto since, errr, sunday january 27th. instead, i've been living out of a hotel in washington while on work assignment. it's been a trip, that's for sure.

anyway, i'm flying back to toronto on friday (and this time i'll actually be able to drink wine to ease my flight anxiety!) and it's going to be so good to see the lights of my city again. washington is nice and all, and it's been an interesting place to stay for the last two weeks (have i mentioned that i heart america? america!), but toronto is my home. it was sort of funny/sad how much i missed toronto; while watching the caps-at-leafs game at a bar in arlington, i got all misty-eyed every time the cameras showed the air canada centre or the cn tower. hooooome!

anyway, here are some additional good-times photos of my two weeks in dc (and occasionally virginia):

i found this magazine at the ymca where i worked out (every day, sometimes twice a day out of sheer boredom, and i never want to see that goddamn gym again). it was probably all of six pages long.

brittany really enjoys goldfish crackers. (our work room was full of so many snacks that i'm pretty sure we all had type-2 diabetes by the time the two weeks were up)

my work's washington office has an ice cream freezer. hell yes they do.

ashkon and jason's end-of-january christmas tree. and shooting target.

"the star on top of the tree!" ashkon said triumphantly. ugh.

spotted at hard times (home of delicious, delicious chili) in arlington. sports bars in america aren't all bad.


i spent part of my saturday doing laundry at a ghetto laundromat in a questionable part of downtown washington. it was probably the most accomplished i felt all week.

fountain at the center of dupont circle on a sunday morning. this was snapped right before i found a nearby farmer's market and ate all the cheese samples.

in washington, toronto is an apartment complex.

my favourite berns and her novelty license plate. very apt.

plus, ego boost of 2013: after turning a few heads at the sports bar (though i got plenty of sneers and chirps when the guys saw the leafs logo on my t-shirt; i was well pleased to sneer and chirp right back, especially after we won that night), my colleague told me that i could "clean up" if i wanted to attract american boys. apparently canadian girls are seen as much hotter, because we're more laid-back bro-types. and we sometimes dress like this:

sports! and stuff.

but, there has been a good amount of growth and work and illuminating moments during my trip. i did plenty of personal writing, and i got to do a ton of my favourite thing -- walking alone around an unfamiliar city with music on, for hours and hours. i put in gym time twice a day (6 a.m. workouts, holla) plus six spin classes, two punishing kazaxe classes, and i'm going to tomorrow's introductory class of the physical hell that is bar method. i had brunch with a dear old friend on the weekend. i read three books. i stayed up late. i got up early. and i did a lot of thinking.

2013 is going to be one strange and interesting year. but that's what i wanted, after all.

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