Saturday, May 15, 2010

digital girl

...and lo, we have new laptop!

for those of you not tuned in to my twitterfeed (btw, i just determined my actual start date on twitter -- august 10, 2007. predating the cool kids ftw), my much-anticipated laptop arrived on friday, and i've since spent the last 24 hours (not in a row, mind you) setting up the new addition to the family. that means painstakingly transferring all my important files - my mp3s, photos and writing, for the most part - over from the old laptop to the new, plus installing any and every important program as well as outfitting it with a spiffy brand-new pair of speakers to match. new lappy isn't leaps and bounds ahead of old lappy, but it does have windows 7, updated programs, more storage and a bit more memory, so navi-4 is running significantly faster than navi-3. plus it's a really cool shiny black (on the inside; got a custom design screened on the outer case, hell yes). ooooh.

this one came just in time, too -- i'm thanking my female intuition big time, since shortly after i placed my order for the new computer, my old computer's battery just sputtered and died. it still works when plugged into the wall, but shuts down immediately otherwise (plus the battery lights keeps flashing an angry, epileptic red at me). this means i can't give the damn thing to my father, which is disappointing, but i wouldn't want to give him a half-busted laptop anyway. bah.

but yeah, you want to make this girl happy? give her new tech gadgets to play with. i've been fascinated with 'em since i was barely a teenager and being introduced to a real computer for the first time (real as in something a little more advanced than the commodore 64 i grew up with -- 64 kilobytes of ram! holy shit!). closet tech-head ever since.

anyway, other stuff to catch up on, because i'm a loser sitting home alone on a saturday night:

metric co-wrote the theme song for the next twilight movie -- and, unsurprisingly, the soundtrack looks pretty badass. well, in terms of emo-styled indie rock, that is. i'm not even all that ashamed to admit that i'll probably pick this up. (on the topic of newly released music: the national's high violet, is it any good? i've listened to "bloodbuzz ohio" and it's pretty good)

ummmm nxne is coming to our fair shores of torontonia, and it looks like a good portion of the festival lineup is now listed on the site. my poor boy is in the unfortunate position of drumming for three different bands; as such, one of those three bands is playing every single night. three straight nights of rock shows. i guess it'll get him ready for the touring that c'mon has lined up (new album! coming soon! so stoked!), but i'm willing to bet we'll both be dead on our feet by sunday. oy.

your horror of the evening: frightening scans of the upcoming lady gaga comic book. really, between this and those weird robert pattinson/stephenie meyer "this is your life story" comic books (would anybody actually be interested in mary sue meyer's?), i can't understand how turning real-life stars into graphic novels holds any appeal for anyone. was it that avril lavigne manga that started this madness? seriously, fuck this noise. and that's coming from an oldskool manga fan.

new disintegration-era cure goodies?! i am so all over that shit, yo. apparently the album reissue is "just weeks away", and i will definitely be out to grab a copy. it and pornography are my two utmost favourite cure albums and pretty much what i consider required listening for, well, anybody. (but don't listen to me, i'm tuned in to "cathedral 13 - darkwave and goth rock" on itunes radio right now)

the tour matblog has wrapped up, leaving us once more with plenty of random photos and abject euro-tour hilarity. it's also worth noting here that i bought my first actual cd in 2-3 years the other day, and it was kill hannah's wake up the sleepers (had to snag a copy over ebay, since it's not even in stores here in canada, although it was released last september).

speaking of rock tours, interpol announces their upcoming summer tour (some dates opening for u2). no carlos d = talk to the hand.

pretty cool: lady sovereign admits she's a lesbian. girl's got talent and courage. good on her.

here in the now, the temperature is slowing returning to warmer climes, springtime...dredges up a lot of weird, emotional memories for me. i guess it's easiest to say that all of my biggest band - and biggest band boy - experiences came in the early spring: it was march that i went on my first tour; end of april and early may that i went on my second tour; first week of march that i came back to toronto from vancouver to see the boy (and thus reaffirm that we did have solid chemistry in person, not just over the internets); end of april that i came home from vancouver for good and jumped into the arms of my number-one band boy. this is the time of year that holds a hell of a lot of my most sentimental memories, and while a few of them are trickling back into my life, i'm just accepting that there's not much else i can do. too old to be running and hiding. acceptance is, as i've well learned by now, far better.

anyway, speaking of number-one band boy, he's off making an appearance at an old bandmate's birthday party tonight, while i - tired, sweatpants-clad, and chipping away on a work project due for monday - am cueing up daybreakers to end my busy day. solo movie night with vampires and martinis? i can deal with that.

p.s. been thinking i ought to try going gluten-free in my diet for a while, just to see if it'll help with 1) my whacked-out skin and 2) my unexplained digestion problems. any tips or things i should look out for? (looking mostly in the direction of kat, and my health-minded anonymous commenter from posts past. ;))

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

why i hold you dear

...aaaaaand just in time for my new laptop to (hopefully) arrive next week, my current laptop's battery crapped out on sunday evening. it works fine while it's plugged into the wall, but it refuses to recognize the battery otherwise and the little red battery light keeps flashing angrily at me, so that's that. i guess i shouldn't be surprised - it is almost three years old - but fer god's sake, i have nearly always kept it plugged in. i think i ran my laptop off the battery maybe half a dozen times in its lifespan, and never for more than an hour. so yeah, sort of arsed about that, also because i was going to give it to my father and now it's basically scrap. sigh.

anyway, good night, sweet navi-3. (yes, i have named all my computers after the one in serial experiments lain.) a flight of angels sing thee to thy sleep, etc. etc.

also, new-ish haircut:

not as short as i would have liked, but it'll do til maybe august or so. it is probably more of a professional 'do than if i were to go back to my old favourite haircut (short, choppy, messily spiked to the point where it looks like the back of my head exploded). again, sigh.

but enough about that! how are you, my friends? how was your weekend? despite the ridiculous coldness in toronto the last few days, spring is most definitely here, which means summer is coming, which means i am a happy girl. i don't take to the sweltering heat as well as some - has everything to do with my hyperhidrosis and the fact that i get dehydrated after being outside without liquids for more than an hour - but i can't say no to a sunny patio in the summertime. mmmm, do want.

the saddest moment of my last week: discovering that carlos d has quit interpol. i mourn, i weep, i wring my hands in despair. when i saw interpol live back in september 2005 (forgive the wild n' wacky writing style of my old blog; i've been rereading parts of it now and cringing heavily -- for example, at twenty-two years old, i was proudly referring to myself as a "drunken party slut"), all jenna and i did was stand right in front of carlos in front row and stare.

"new pornographers" are the new "barenaked ladies". so much stupidity, so little time.

ontd! brings us the first look at let me in, aka the absolutely unnecessary american remake of let the right one in. really, are people that opposed to listening to swedish dialogue and reading english subtitles? (i mean, i guess we can also look at män som hatar kvinnor/the girl with the dragon tattoo as an additional example, since it's due for a crappy american remake any day now)

watched anvil! the story of anvil on sunday with the boy (he said it "definitely hit close to home" in a few areas), and though it was definitely an effective little movie, i feel like it would have been even more of an emotional punch if i didn't already know so many guys in that position -- the one where you've spent your entire life chasing a dream, only to slowly come to realize that your time is running out, and maybe your dream is unattainable after all. after your entire life has passed you by, and after all of the sacrifices you've made in its pursuit.

it's an interesting question, for sure -- what if you devote your entire 20's, 30's and 40's to try and be a successful musician, only to realize that it just isn't happening? when do you admit this to yourself? and, more importantly, where do you go from there? what do you do with your life when you're in your forties and need a "real" job and all you've ever known is to be in a band?

i haven't had to ask myself these questions - i dabbled a bit in the musician thing when i was in high school, but i was smart enough to go no further - but, given my groupie past, i have more or less been the shoulder to cry on for a number of musicians reaching that mid-life (mid-career?) crisis. and i'm not kidding you, it will rend your heart just a little bit. especially if you care about "the boys" as much as i've always tended to do.

speaking of the boys and the music and the rock n' roll careers, my musician boy with the rock n' roll career is off for three weeks of cross-canada touring in june and july, once again leaving me in the role of the "army wife" so to speak -- at home in the empty bed, wishing and hoping for him to return safe and sound and alive. it's a bummer, but it's what i signed up for, and i know it, and i love him so much that i learn to deal with it. i'm hardly the first or last girl in this position. (the sisterhood of the rock stars' significant others?)

as such, i'm off now to see one of the boy's three(!) bands play tonight. therein is the upside to dating a band boy: the absolute rush of pride when i see him performing onstage. thus!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

my head + my heart

didn't have any time to show it off in the last post, but here's the latest culinary creation (that i actually bothered to take a photo of):

ripoff of my old favourite pizza from amato, their "pollo basilico" -- grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and basil pesto. no cheese and no tomato sauce, just straight-up goodness. i have to be careful when serving pizza for dinner to the boy, though -- i usually only manage to get about two slices for myself before he inhales the rest. :P (which is actually okay by me, since pizza's something i typically have to be in the mood for. same with pasta -- i think it's a carb thing.)

and also, before you go any further, you must watch this vid (which i've been zealously plastering all over twitter and facebook):

that there's the trailer for the indie road documentary about my boyfriend's band that was filmed during their spring tour last year. don't exactly know when the full-length feature will be released, or in what capacity, but it should be good times for all. (again, if you didn't already know, my boyfriend is the lanky long-haired drummer -- easy to tell, because they're a three-piece and he's a) not the guy with the beard and b) not the chick)

if you're the kind who still cares about polls and surveys and "making your voice heard", vote in spin's 25th anniversary readers' poll. i feel like these things inevitably give the exact same results time and time again - which is why the end-of-the-year best-of lists are so obnoxious - but who knows, maybe those sleater-kinney fans will finally overturn the voting once and for all.

here is a very polite debate on twitter, obviously between two canadian musicians and about the idea of indie bands boycotting arizona because of the immigration laws. again, though, it is very polite and canadian. we are a good non-incendiary people. (and i like both stars and fucked up, so i'm glad to see everybody playing nice.)

kill hannah is touring europe right now, and mat is blogging about it, and if you're not reading it, you're clinically insane. (though i'm possibly a bad kh fan, because i'm only getting their new album, uh, now. it's been out since last september -- but not in canada, so i had to get a copy off ebay. still! my tattoo is angry i didn't try harder, and sooner)

by the way, if you missed it last week, interpol are offering up a new song for free through their website, and it's already better than pretty much all other new music out there right now (though honestly, i feel like it's maybe a cut from turn on the bright lights -- but i will keep hoping that this is indeed a new track, and indicative of where they're heading with the next album). i will always hold the interpol love close to my heart.

still the best video they've done (carlos d! so hot!):

...oh man, just watching that temporarily transported me to winter 2004. sorry, i'm back now.

also, and finally, and thankfully -- new laptop is under construction and on its way. apparently i should be receiving it around the 20th, which is a definite good thing given that my current three-year-old laptop seems to be getting slower by the day (plus i just found out the other day that the battery is essentially burned out). i splashed out $1200 for it, and it always seems like a nervous extravagance when i spend that much money on something, but i have to keep convincing myself it's a necessity. also, it will be pretty, and it will be fast. very psyched.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

lessen your affection

back from florida! and just beginning to shake off the fatigue, terrible nutrition, and what have you.

i vowed not to talk much about my work in here, though, so i'll just say the conference was busy, productive, and affirming in the sense that i'm moving over into the professional world and not looking like a poseur. which was actually rather cool. so yes, three days of hard work but good fun.

orlando, though -- i figure it's okay to talk about orlando. this was my first time in florida, and it was, um...dunno. alright, i guess. muggier than i expected - though i had to remind myself duh, everglades - but the breeze cut it nicely, and the sun was gorgeous. i took some offtime after work wrapped on wednesday evening - after turning down a group of polish guys who were absolutely desperate to get me to come to the big corporate party that night (female company was in short supply at this thing) - to cab it to the nearest publix, which i guess would be a cross between our loblaws with a bit of high-end whole foods thrown in. (did you know about my bizarre fascination with american grocery stores? because i have one, and it's weird. but i walked up and down the aisles of that publix at least three times, just staring at the american-exclusive foodstuffs.)

towels at the hotel gym shaped into a bunneh. adorable.

anyway, i'd promised coworkers i would pick up american snacks for them, and boy howdy, did i ever. (also, for self: blue diamond brown-sugar cinnamon almonds, two different kinds of rice cakes - vanilla creme brulee must be sold here at some point - and honey-nut chex mix, plus a one-liter bottle of absolut bought duty-free on the plane for eighteen fucking dollars. not even joking.) i'm so entirely in envy of anyone who has access to publix -- or american grocery stores, for that matter. sure, they're purveyors of mostly grossly unhealthy goods, but i love novelty. (i mean, come on -- red velvet cake ice cream? i would have bought it if it didn't mean i'd inevitably end up challenging myself to eat the entire liter in one night.)

ill-gotten gains. or maybe not so ill. (the three tubs are trader joe's triple gingersnaps, brought direct from california for me by our silicon valley vp. my boyfriend is a sucker for 'em.)

no, i did not go to disney world. i don't regret it.

holy shit, though, the flight home may have been on a rickety crappy old "charter vacation" plane, but it was the smoothest flight i've ever had. like driving down the freeway. of course, that might have been because it didn't go any higher than 20,000 feet, but what the fuck, i'll take it. (though one obvious word of dire warning: an 11 p.m. charter flight out of orlando will inevitably be filled with bratty, overtired, anxious kids, their shrieking baby siblings, and their cheap white-trash parents.)

one thing that surprised me about this trip, though, was how much i missed my old rockstar boys.

it really hit me like a wave as i was in the airport shuttle heading to orlando international on thursday. i realized that the majority of long-term travel i've done has been in the company of bands, and thus i'm utterly used to travelling with - and sharing one small hotel room with - a bunch of dudes who are like brothers to me. it just didn't feel right otherwise, the whole travelling-alone and staying-alone thing. sure, it was super nice to have a big hotel room all to myself, but it did get pretty lonely a few times. and on the way home, i realized why -- see above.

and so i guess that was a reminder to myself to always remember who i am and where i come from, and that sometimes i have to allow myself to miss that life. it comes back to me when i least expect it.

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