Thursday, February 25, 2010

you look real moved

obligatory hockey talk: team canada = awesomeness last night. really, what more needs to be said? (other than that mike milbury needs to get the first train outta town -- jeremy roenick is actually far more capable a hockey commentator, and man, if you manage to shock j.r., you're definitely out of line).

meanwhile, grabovski is worried about the leafs. aren't we all, grabbo. aren't we all. (p.s. after the whole street-fight-in-vancouver thing - he was released to his parents - grabbo is pretty much my favourite leaf of all time. you just can't go wrong with a batshit insane belarussian ginger)

alright, enough hockey talk. i could keep going, trust me, but i'm pretty sure that's not what you're all here for... (that's what my twitter is for! and man, come nhl trade deadline day on march 3rd, i'm gonna be abuzz with news -- it's the only occasion i actually live-tweet. did it last year and it was a hell of a good time)

nme awards winners from last night! i still hang on to these things because i still clutch happily to my longtime love of british rock bands. honestly, there was a time when i would interview pretty much any brits that popped up on chart's interview op radar. goddamn love that accent, even if it makes for a hellish transcribing time.

speaking of british bands, it's now muse vs. warner music. "clutching at straws," hee hee. you tell 'em, boys. (i was going to mention this on twitter - and i still might - but man, was i the only person who thought "the uprising" was sampling blondie's "call me"?)

holy crap, the return of public image ltd. well, sort of. i'd really love to see a percentage - a pie chart, even - of the amount of reunited bands from the 70's and 80's who actually retain all their original members. i myself can only think of one, and they're not even completely whole (i'm talking about depeche mode, of course, yet even they're missing a member). anybody? anybody? bueller??

fun fact about me: i have never seen ferris bueller's day off. true story.

chartattack reassures us that rickrolling is not dead. they also include a handy - and humourous - list of other popular, immortal internet memes. i love the internet.

dear idolator: this looks shopped. (of equal if not surpassing hilarity is the 20 funniest figure skating faces)

again, no pics today, but a video to watch! fast-forward this to 5:25 and press play to watch the boy be interviewed (which he hates doing, so if he looks awkward, that's why) and then lay down some drum beds in the studio:

...ladies, no fair falling in love with him at the "oh, you want me to play it for ya??" part. he is deadly adorable when he grins/laughs, i know.

alright, i better make that it for now. more later, possibly (and hopefully, but only i and a few people know why).

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