Thursday, February 18, 2010

urban survivalist

some days i just feel like this.

first off: apparently gordon lightfoot is not dead, as being widely reported through various canadian media outlets (americans probably have no clue who the dude is). thank god, because i'd hate to have to break the news to my mother -- she loves that guy. inexplicably, but hey, to each their own, especially when it comes to musical taste. i should know, hah.

otherwise, this is biggest news of the day/month/year so far: alan wilder rejoined depeche mode! okay, so it was a one-off for a charity gig, but holy f'in shit alan wilder!! (for those not in the depeche know, alan was a longstanding member of dm before quitting the band in 1995 because his input wasn't being received, according to him. they've been a trio ever since) this is epic and monumental, and while i don't harbour hopes that there'll be a grand reunion, it's still nice to see. d'awwww. (note to self: finish re-reading stripped asap)

in case you missed the results from a few days ago, here are the winners of the brit awards 2010 (which apparently will be airing on muchmusic on march 4th, and if you get the channel, i highly recommend tuning in -- basically everybody is sloshed and falling down on their way to the podium). can anyone advise me on whether florence + the machine is worth my time? i'm picky about music. (though not when it comes to my favourites -- while compiling videos for the valentine's day entry, i ended up gleefully watching a number of old moist and our lady peace videos from the 90's, causing the boy to cringe painfully and try to bury himself in the couch. i'm awesome.)

if you've at all been watching ctv's olympic coverage up here in canada, you've no doubt heard that ubiquitous and terrible "i believe" song in all its forms at least a dozen times a day. thus, a fair and balanced view as to why it sucks so badly.

the opposite of suckage: stephen colbert at the olympics! did everyone else see how happy he was when shani davis won gold yesterday? so rad.

metalz! that actually sounds like it'd be a pretty fun awards ceremony to attend. co-hosted by andrew w.k. and chris jericho? yes please.

greening up the walls at the gladstone hotel -- my first time there! (we were visiting the erotic arts & crafts fair there last weekend, good fun)

a few of the half-batch of quinoa bars for the boy. turned out better than i expected, although i'm not wild about their texture (i also think they would have been much enhanced with some nuts or chocolate chips, but the boy doesn't eat either), but i'm not as much of a quinoa fan as he is. still: healthy baked goods! this we like.

nothing further on the possible-job situation, although i do have reason to feel optimistic...even as my savings and money are generally running out, which means i have to fight rising panic as well as daily boredom. but, such is life.

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Lisa ~ Urban Native Girl said...

I like that quoinoa bar recipe ... might try :).

Caitlin H. said...

oh, do! but definitely throw some nuts or chocolate in there -- trust me ;)