Friday, February 26, 2010

taking care of business

two months and ten days later, i am no longer unemployed. four interviews and a month and a half in the making, and i'm back in the working world as of tuesday.

...since i continue to be vigilant/paranoid when it comes to the monitoring of my online footprint (even with the flashy legal-jargon disclaimer at the bottom of all my blog entries that states that my opinions expressed here are not that of my employers), i won't reveal the exact company - i never really talk about my jobs or my work in here anyway - but i will say that it's a very large and very impressive public relations firm, with offices all over the world. i'll be an employee in the digital sector of their toronto location, working as an online copy editor for a huge client of theirs. it is all very nerve-wracking and exciting and very much awesome. i can has career?

there will also be pie.

meyer lemon sour cream pie, using this recipe. i don't think making it with low-fat sour cream, fat-free milk and organic lemons helped make it a health food in any way...but hey, why not. definitely satisfied my craving for lemon pie, anyway. mmmmm, delicious lemon (non-merigue) pie.

yet this was my actual celebratory gift to myself (which i swore weeks ago that i would buy if i landed this job):

the new best, ever since it's become impossible to find stoli vanil (which i would maim and dismember for a bottle of). try it with club soda! (in case it isn't completely obvious, i am a diehard vodka girl. of course, i'm at the point in my old age where i can also appreciate a good bottle of red wine, but i won't ever be a beer drinker, much to my boyfriend's dismay. that is, unless you put a bottle of brooklyn brewery's black chocolate stout in front of me -- 10% alcohol and tastes like rocket fuel, but i will drink it in a heartbeat.)

so in case that little spiel didn't make it obvious...celebration times!!

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Anonymous said...

You might want to read these articles:

WARNING: Drinking Low-Fat Pasteurized Milk Triggers Obesity

Don't Drink Your Milk!

Since it's nearly impossible to get raw milk in Canada, the next best thing would be to drink whole milk. When you remove the fat from the milk, you remove its vitamin A and short chain fatty acids. You can find a definition of fatty acids here:

Fat from dairy (and meat, for that matter) isn't something to be feared. The danger is in eating too much polyunsaturated oil, such as corn, safflower, canola, and soy oils. You're more likely to gain weight from those oils than from coconut oil or a good quality butter. Polyunsaturates can also contribute to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, immune system dysfunction, and digestive disorders. They can also cause free radical damage when heated.

Saturated fats can enhance the immune system, and help body absorb the calcium that's in milk. They also protect the liver from alcochol and other toxins like Tylenol.

And the cholesterol in saturated fats is not the culprit of heart disease. Only about 26% of the fat in artery clogs is saturated fat; the rest is unsaturated, most of which is polyunsaturated.

And besides, eating a pie with full fat sour cream and milk would taste so much more divine :)

Anyhow, congrats on the job!

Caitlin H. said...

hahaha anonymous, you continue to be awesome. it's funny, i usually do go full-on when it comes to dessert ingredients - after all, why the hell not? - but all i happened to have in the fridge was skim milk and 1% sour cream, so there we go. it still has half a stick of butter in it though! lol