Sunday, February 14, 2010

a love song or two

these were sitting out on the mail table in our apartment's foyer this morning. our landlords are too cute.

...hah yeah, i know i said i wouldn't have a chance to update today, but i thought of something fun to do in honour of the day: list off a few love songs that i consider to be the best, in my humble opinion. be them happy or sad love songs, these are the ones that have always gotten me right here, and i scoured youtube for videos so you could hear 'em yourselves.

but hey, you: what are your favourite love songs? let me know in the comments, i'm always looking for more good music. in the meantime, here we go with my list, in honour of valentine's day 2010:

the sisters of mercy - "some kind of stranger"

yes, i posted this a few days ago, but here it is again -- because i do believe this to be, unequivocably, the best love song ever. sure, it's very dark, very goth and slightly forboding - as it should be - but man oh man, it never fails to crush my chest in and make me choke up by the time the final refrain hits. von's voice has never sounded better, in my opinion.

peter murphy - "i'll fall with your knife"

more goth love songs for your buck! peter murphy - the frontman of 80's goth godfathers bauhaus, if you didn't know - actually does a great ballad, and this was one of his best. (also, search for "cuts you up" for another great goff-y ballad.) when i saw him live last year, "knife" was one of the absolute highlights, and it sounds even better on record.

the cure - "just like heaven"

vaguely interchangeable with "lovesong" and "friday i'm in love", i think that this song completes the cure's trifecta of perfect pop love songs. you just can't deny robert smith's prodigious talent for writing upbeat love songs, and this is one of my absolute favourites. (it was even my ringtone for many years!)

blue rodeo - "lost together"

...and here comes the cancon! i've been divided on blue rodeo for many, many years, mostly due to my mother's deep adoration for that band (unlike her youngest daughter, my mother's not the kind to fangirl over bands in any way, but man does she ever love her blue rodeo) -- and, consequently, the overplaying of blue rodeo in the house when i was a teenager. as i've gotten older, i haven't quite gotten into them or anything - despite the fact that the boy has worked on a number of their videos, and also been in one - but i will admit that this song gets me every. damn. time. if i ever get married, this will be the first-dance song. i will fight to make this happen.

jeff buckley - "hallelujah"

okay, fair enough -- i love and worship the leonard, but i do have to tip the fedora to the late jeff buckley for his cover of "hallelujah". this song's been covered to death by singer-songwriter after singer-songwriter, but buckley did it best, and i dare you to deny it. (props to k.d. lang, though, for her masterful performance of it at the olympic opening ceremonies last week)

depeche mode - "enjoy the silence"

again, another unconventional choice for a top love song, but just look at the chorus: "all i ever wanted / all i ever needed / is here in my arms". this is a great, great song in a multitude of ways, but i've always found that it works especially well as a love song. if you can, try to find division day's slowed and stripped-down cover; it will also break your heart.

placebo - "running up that hill"

speaking of breaking hearts -- this cover of the kate bush classic shatters the fuck out of my heart every time. as soon as brian molko hits the "come on baby / come on come on darling" part in the bridge, i'm absolutely lost. i clung to this song during a particularly turbulent affair a few years ago, and thank god that didn't ruin it for me. i can still listen to this song and sob it out.

yeah yeah yeahs - "maps"

apologies for the lack of female voices on this list -- i hope karen o makes up for it, here. truly, she does a great job of punching right into your gut and then taking your heart out and wringing it dry. hurts to listen to this song sometimes, but it hurts so good.

joy division - "love will tear us apart"

the standard. if this one doesn't affect you - especially if you watch it in that pivotal scene in control - you have a heart made of stone.

matthew good - "avalanche"

you honestly don't want to know how many times matt good songs have made me cry. this usually gets me a number of scoffs from most canadian music snobs, but whatever, i'm not ashamed to admit it. and this was the song that grabbed me by the heartstrings the most. perfect broken-heart anthem.

moist - "believe me"

i got the opening bass part of this song tattooed. not much else needs to be said.

now, to spend the rest of the day with the man in my life. happy v-day all!

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Allegra said...

Avalanche! I don't think of it as a love song - I equate it more with being directionless and having to choose a path anyway.

Other favourite love songs of mine include:

This cheese:
(ignore the anime - it wasn't a single, so there's no video)
This is my ringtone. I could never describe why this song has such a hold over me (I've tried), but it's probably one of my favourite songs of all time.

And finally...
The first minute is pure cheese, but at 0:55 he becomes raw, angry... passionate... you can hear the warble in his voice sometimes where he really get emotional. It's dark, but heartfelt.

Happy Valentine's day, Caitlin!

Caitlin H. said...

hah yeah, i guess i clung especially to the "this key is to your kingdom / this key is to your heart" part at the end of "avalanche"...oh man, i cried my face off at that song post-breakup six years ago, though. insane.

thanks for the song recommendations, too! happy v-day lady!

Allegra said...

I clung to it too, but during 12+1 when I hated everything and I'd lost my passion for writing and it was really overwhelming. I did this big-ass drama project on directionlessness and used Avalanche as the soundtrack.