Monday, February 8, 2010

comparing mythologies

super bowl viewing pics, doin' it up right:

dean and i went to southern accent last night to watch super bowl xliv, which was kind of a weird choice -- it's a new orleans resto, true, but it's a restaurant (and a very nice, date-spot-y type one too), not a sports bar. which meant the atmosphere was a bit more subdued than we expected, but hey, they had better food than any damn sports bar i've been to, so that was a plus. (the bill? not so much, but eh, a nice dinner is worth it) and getting to see the saints win while hammered in a classy n'awlins restaurant was a fun trip. see pics above, etc.

oh, and p.s. i do have some loser-cam vids to show, but i have to wait until towards the end of the month -- because our internet usage is almost all used up, at very little fault of dean's or mine. see, our billing period right now is running from january 20th til february 21st, and up until the last day of january, we were sharing our internet with a tenant down the hall who just moved out.

guess who decided to stock up on downloads in the week before she left?

...yeah. fuck. so now dean and i are left with maybe 20% of our total usage to last us until the 20th, which means no psychotic uploading or downloading of stuff. goddammit.

oh well, other things.

via oh no they didn't!, here's fuse tv's 40 sexiest videos. yes, we all know how subjective these types of lists are, and for sure "sexiest" here translates to "highest amount of mostly-naked hip-hop sluts", but lolz at #1. you really can't argue it, i don't think. (though if you haven't heard it yet, giant drag did a great cover of it a few years back)

white stripes...ballet. interpretive dance, i can see, but ballet? uh, i think i'll reserve judgment. (though man, canadian stripes fans are totally a lucky bunch, eh? first the documentary, now this here in toronto)

couples, take note: 13 things not to get your valentine. we're pretty much eschewing any concept of "valentine's day" in our household, with the exception of making a nice dinner (booze-soaked pasta and blueberry pie) and cracking a big bottle of red wine. good stuff.

is it sad that i'm sort of excited for clash of the titans? not even because i've seen the original - i haven't - but i've been a greek mythology buff since i was a young'un, and these casting choices look excellent. (but uh, io? was io even involved in the perseus myth at all? she's the goddess of the friggin' rainbow) even if the trailer insists on having a lame nu-metalz soundtrack:

last but not least, tmi land!: went to the doctor's today. if i could, i would've gone straight to my gyno, but you need a referral from a g.p. before you can make an appointment with the gyno, and even then, he's only available like two fridays a month, so you're usually waiting a month or two...blargh. anyway. so yeah, doctor's appointment, got the feet in the stirrups, got swabbed, got poked, got prodded, explained my concerns (i suppose it's notable that my doctor is male, but so is my gyno, so i guess it doesn't really matter either way), didn't receive any definite answers but the swabs are at the lab now so i'll know within the next few weeks.

however, it's probably wrong that the highlight for me was when my doctor commented that "on thin women like you, sometimes you can feel any lumps or abnormalities from the outside"; of course, he said this as he had one gloved finger up my business and was prodding my ovaries with the other hand, but oh well. whatever it takes. (i've lost ten pounds since my last appointment - i think that was in august? - and my doc kept asking, "it is intentional, right?" -- i guess there'd be reason for concern if it weren't. mmmm, tapeworm)

(pssst, lady readers -- if this isn't enough of a reminder for you, reminder: get yer pap tests done yearly. no, it's not pleasant - and it does involve swabs, albeit not fingers, up your business - but for hell's sake, it's a cancer test. who are we of the 21st century to refuse a cancer test? get it because you can.)

anyway, someone needs to make me these. they will be my valentine, i promise.

[ music | leafs game on in the background, 2-2 in the 3rd, go leafs go! ]


Christine Estima said...

fingers up business!! lolz! made me literally L.O.L!

this reminds me of my favourite joke of the day, concerning tests like this....

"baby, when i said i was a positive person, i meant HIV."

har har har! but in all seriousness, hope ur tests all come back normal!

& fanks for posting pic, i look somewhat lop-sided. hair to this side, sleeve to that side...hee!

Anonymous said...

Get an ultrasound! Pap tests will not help you with endometriosis and cysts.
Do it. You will appreciate the feeling of relief after. ;)

Caitlin H. said...

good advice! but, well, i actually already had one last september - one that even involved sticking a goddamn camera up my business (for real!) - and my gyno couldn't see anything wrong. he told me that he wasn't able to tell from the ultrasound if i had endometriosis or not, so the only way to find out would be to go in there himself. we'll see if it comes to that. urgggh.

but hey, i guess that at least means no cysts...? rock!