Friday, February 26, 2010

taking care of business

two months and ten days later, i am no longer unemployed. four interviews and a month and a half in the making, and i'm back in the working world as of tuesday.

...since i continue to be vigilant/paranoid when it comes to the monitoring of my online footprint (even with the flashy legal-jargon disclaimer at the bottom of all my blog entries that states that my opinions expressed here are not that of my employers), i won't reveal the exact company - i never really talk about my jobs or my work in here anyway - but i will say that it's a very large and very impressive public relations firm, with offices all over the world. i'll be an employee in the digital sector of their toronto location, working as an online copy editor for a huge client of theirs. it is all very nerve-wracking and exciting and very much awesome. i can has career?

there will also be pie.

meyer lemon sour cream pie, using this recipe. i don't think making it with low-fat sour cream, fat-free milk and organic lemons helped make it a health food in any way...but hey, why not. definitely satisfied my craving for lemon pie, anyway. mmmmm, delicious lemon (non-merigue) pie.

yet this was my actual celebratory gift to myself (which i swore weeks ago that i would buy if i landed this job):

the new best, ever since it's become impossible to find stoli vanil (which i would maim and dismember for a bottle of). try it with club soda! (in case it isn't completely obvious, i am a diehard vodka girl. of course, i'm at the point in my old age where i can also appreciate a good bottle of red wine, but i won't ever be a beer drinker, much to my boyfriend's dismay. that is, unless you put a bottle of brooklyn brewery's black chocolate stout in front of me -- 10% alcohol and tastes like rocket fuel, but i will drink it in a heartbeat.)

so in case that little spiel didn't make it obvious...celebration times!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

you look real moved

obligatory hockey talk: team canada = awesomeness last night. really, what more needs to be said? (other than that mike milbury needs to get the first train outta town -- jeremy roenick is actually far more capable a hockey commentator, and man, if you manage to shock j.r., you're definitely out of line).

meanwhile, grabovski is worried about the leafs. aren't we all, grabbo. aren't we all. (p.s. after the whole street-fight-in-vancouver thing - he was released to his parents - grabbo is pretty much my favourite leaf of all time. you just can't go wrong with a batshit insane belarussian ginger)

alright, enough hockey talk. i could keep going, trust me, but i'm pretty sure that's not what you're all here for... (that's what my twitter is for! and man, come nhl trade deadline day on march 3rd, i'm gonna be abuzz with news -- it's the only occasion i actually live-tweet. did it last year and it was a hell of a good time)

nme awards winners from last night! i still hang on to these things because i still clutch happily to my longtime love of british rock bands. honestly, there was a time when i would interview pretty much any brits that popped up on chart's interview op radar. goddamn love that accent, even if it makes for a hellish transcribing time.

speaking of british bands, it's now muse vs. warner music. "clutching at straws," hee hee. you tell 'em, boys. (i was going to mention this on twitter - and i still might - but man, was i the only person who thought "the uprising" was sampling blondie's "call me"?)

holy crap, the return of public image ltd. well, sort of. i'd really love to see a percentage - a pie chart, even - of the amount of reunited bands from the 70's and 80's who actually retain all their original members. i myself can only think of one, and they're not even completely whole (i'm talking about depeche mode, of course, yet even they're missing a member). anybody? anybody? bueller??

fun fact about me: i have never seen ferris bueller's day off. true story.

chartattack reassures us that rickrolling is not dead. they also include a handy - and humourous - list of other popular, immortal internet memes. i love the internet.

dear idolator: this looks shopped. (of equal if not surpassing hilarity is the 20 funniest figure skating faces)

again, no pics today, but a video to watch! fast-forward this to 5:25 and press play to watch the boy be interviewed (which he hates doing, so if he looks awkward, that's why) and then lay down some drum beds in the studio:

...ladies, no fair falling in love with him at the "oh, you want me to play it for ya??" part. he is deadly adorable when he grins/laughs, i know.

alright, i better make that it for now. more later, possibly (and hopefully, but only i and a few people know why).

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Monday, February 22, 2010

restless heart

who's still bitter about last night's team canada loss to the usa? me! me!

...but, because i am canadian and gracious and polite, i will congratulate the americans (aka ryan miller) on a good hockey game (aka miller's goaltending) and keep fingers crossed that our boys can redeem themselves against germany and (gulp) russia. also, i can wistfully half-wish i was in vancouver last night to watch what leora termed "douche-riots". they were burning american flags, for chrissake. man.

still, this part was especially embarrassing to watch. three-way collision. i mean, really? is this a beer league or is this the goddamn olympic games? sigh. oh, canada.

but when the going gets tough, the tough bake cookies:

(actually, they were a housewarming gift for old friend amanda, who's just moved two streets over from me. they were very well-received, which was to be expected since it's the best cookie recipe i have, even if the whole neiman marcus thing was debunked as an urban myth. but fuck, man, they really are that good. labour-intensive, but definitely worth it.)

anyway, hi. welcome to monday. feel special because i'm going to the gym in the afternoon rather than this morning, so i can instead sit here and write a blog entry to entertain you on this monday. i'm dedicated like that. (these days, anyway.)

it's that time of year again - festival rumours time - and now we have rumoured lollapalooza headliners: green day, lady gaga, and soundgarden. seems about right -- lolla generally has a super-eclectic lineup, which is what i like about it. jenna really wants to go this year, so we'll see if i have the job to afford it by then. my love for chicago is vast.

only appropriate: sir andrew lloyd webber might buy abbey road. i dunno, i can't really hate on lloyd webber -- i was raised on his show tunes, and while some people might have grown up hating them, i sort of enjoyed them. good memories, anyway. (and yes, i am a fan of the phantom of the opera. a big fan, at that.)

...but wait! emi shuts the door! oh, silly major record label. you're floundering and you know it.

a new - and actual, not semi-fictional - kurt cobain biopic coming. i'm not sure, just seems like there's so much about the guy that history doesn't show (or that courtney love won't let us know about). i read heavier than heaven a couple years ago, though, and it's an extremely worthwhile read. i do love me a good rock biography.

it's a dangerous time to be a quebecois musician. okay, i could understand why a mob in quebec city would attack an anglo musician, but one of their own...? so confusing. maybe kevin parent is a habs fan.

ummmm i don't have a lot of pictures for you to look at today, so here, watch my boyfriend bash some drums:

ah, love. good times. (i was actually at this show, selling merch at the back of the room. this was october 2007, four days before i moved to vancouver, and dean and i were still just friends -- though many acquaintances in the room apparently observed our very obvious attraction to each other. awwwww)

on a side note, as i mentioned on twitter last night, the worst time for your bathroom drains to clog up is while you're rereading it. if you've read the book too, then you'll understand. (and also understand why i was a little nerve-wracked when, whilst doing my first read of the book around my birthday last year, my father met me at the bus station holding a balloon. aaaaaaaah)

okay, my internet connection's acting up a bit - the new tenant just got his internet installed this morning, and i think that may be fucking with ours somewhat - so i'll take off now before it's too late.

p.s. accomplishment, when you're unemployed, is finally getting around to 1) making new batches of pastry dough and pizza dough for your freezer, and 2) cleaning and re-waterproofing your boots. have done the first one already, will do the second one today. yeah, i know.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

urban survivalist

some days i just feel like this.

first off: apparently gordon lightfoot is not dead, as being widely reported through various canadian media outlets (americans probably have no clue who the dude is). thank god, because i'd hate to have to break the news to my mother -- she loves that guy. inexplicably, but hey, to each their own, especially when it comes to musical taste. i should know, hah.

otherwise, this is biggest news of the day/month/year so far: alan wilder rejoined depeche mode! okay, so it was a one-off for a charity gig, but holy f'in shit alan wilder!! (for those not in the depeche know, alan was a longstanding member of dm before quitting the band in 1995 because his input wasn't being received, according to him. they've been a trio ever since) this is epic and monumental, and while i don't harbour hopes that there'll be a grand reunion, it's still nice to see. d'awwww. (note to self: finish re-reading stripped asap)

in case you missed the results from a few days ago, here are the winners of the brit awards 2010 (which apparently will be airing on muchmusic on march 4th, and if you get the channel, i highly recommend tuning in -- basically everybody is sloshed and falling down on their way to the podium). can anyone advise me on whether florence + the machine is worth my time? i'm picky about music. (though not when it comes to my favourites -- while compiling videos for the valentine's day entry, i ended up gleefully watching a number of old moist and our lady peace videos from the 90's, causing the boy to cringe painfully and try to bury himself in the couch. i'm awesome.)

if you've at all been watching ctv's olympic coverage up here in canada, you've no doubt heard that ubiquitous and terrible "i believe" song in all its forms at least a dozen times a day. thus, a fair and balanced view as to why it sucks so badly.

the opposite of suckage: stephen colbert at the olympics! did everyone else see how happy he was when shani davis won gold yesterday? so rad.

metalz! that actually sounds like it'd be a pretty fun awards ceremony to attend. co-hosted by andrew w.k. and chris jericho? yes please.

greening up the walls at the gladstone hotel -- my first time there! (we were visiting the erotic arts & crafts fair there last weekend, good fun)

a few of the half-batch of quinoa bars for the boy. turned out better than i expected, although i'm not wild about their texture (i also think they would have been much enhanced with some nuts or chocolate chips, but the boy doesn't eat either), but i'm not as much of a quinoa fan as he is. still: healthy baked goods! this we like.

nothing further on the possible-job situation, although i do have reason to feel optimistic...even as my savings and money are generally running out, which means i have to fight rising panic as well as daily boredom. but, such is life.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

counting the days

for god's sake, it felt like a sunday today. i was actually baffled to see monday night television programming -- in the midst of the current onslaught of olympic coverage, that is. yes, for some reason - and for the first time - i'm tuning in to the olympics. i dunno if it's the home-country setting or what, but i actually care this time around. and did i ever scoff at the olympics before this! huh. (but it's definitely pleasing my father, whose area of sports history studies primarily includes the olympics)

still, winter olympics > summer olympics, no question.

distraction: itunes' all-time most downloaded songs list, proving that people are insane. man, and i swear i have shitty taste in music. nope, itunes users have me beat. way to go guys!

not to be outdone, the vatican have released their top 10 pop songs list! no, i'm serious. just click that link and check it out. (fleetwood mac, vatican? really? i'm willing to bet they violated a whole bunch of commandments during their halcyon days)

the brit awards are tomorrow! get your british music primer here. the final "myth" is rather debatable, but brit-rock is nothing if not debatable. and gods know i love it that way.

have i mentioned this before? i don't think i have, and it's sort of old meme (from last november), but: misogyny in young adult books today. oh, man. oh wow. i really wish i had the chance to rant about this to you in person - maybe once i have enough bandwidth allowance to upload videos - but the literary feminist in me could go on and on about how much i loathe and despise the fact that there is so. fucking. much. misogyny in books marketed towards teenage girls these days. the worst part? they're eating them up -- and not just them, but their mothers as well. it's sad. it's horrifying. and that link there pretty well sums up all my feelings.

i guess it's best that when i was a teenager, all my fictional female role models were ass-kicking video game heroines. they took shit from nobody, and usually answered by inverting faces with their fists. (then again, maybe this is to blame for my profanity-spewing, inherently rough tomboy nature as an adult woman. but hey, much rather that than a simpering, useless airhead of a homemaker)

so anyway, hey there. how was your valentine's day yesterday and/or your fake holiday today? for me, every day is a holiday right now (lolz), but yesterday's v-day was spent with gym time in the morning (to soften the caloric blow that would be landed at dinner that night, hah) followed by lazing about in the afternoon with the boy, watching olympics coverage and starting the celebratory drinking rather early. what can i say, we were taking our sunday relaxation seriously.

...of course, this probably wasn't the best idea, because i still had to make & bake a blueberry pie (but a mini heart-shaped version) and cook up penne alla vodka for dinner (i couldn't eat it every day, but man, you just can't go wrong with a dish that involves pasta, heavy cream, vodka, butter and cheese), but hey, a little boozy lubrication just makes it more fun, right? right.

in the kitchen with dinah syrah, the not-so-risque version. (thank you, photoshop crop tool, for saving my dignity)

valentine's day pie, pre-baking. i really need to work on my edge fluting.

being goofballs in the break between pie-baking and dinner-making. drunken goofballs.

for example.

and man, i know you're all tired of hearing it, but i'm feeling the drag of unemployment. sure, i have stuff to do, but it's mostly the same tasks daily, and they're starting to just feel like...i don't know, day filler. like i'm just going through the motions in order to fill my days with something. it's incredibly frustrating to me especially, because i really want to be out and doing something, anything, even if it's a few days a week. just something to bring in some cash and keep me occupied while i wait to see if this big job opportunity pans out. (as far as i know, they're still debating whether or not to hire me on) in the meantime, i'm sitting on my hands, basically. my days feel like endless loops of wake up, internet, gym, home, internet, library, errands, walks, home, internet, make dinner, watch tv, internet, read, sleep. repeat.

so, as i said, i'm getting tired and bored and frustrated with this lifestyle. i need to pick up something to break out of the rut, and give something new to my routine. ideally, it would be something to get me some cash to live on (i'm still waiting for e.i. to sort out the system error that's preventing me from getting any government support - apparently it'll be fixed sometime between now and the 23rd - and i just got a letter from the ministry of labour basically saying "yeah, don't get yer hopes up" in regards to seeing any of the $2500+ i'm owed in vacation pay and termination pay from the bankruptcy), but hell, at this point i'm considering doing some more volunteer work. i loathe sloth.

anyway. last thing i want to have happen is to fall back into a black pit of despair and hopelessness, so here's hoping something comes up this week to change that course.

p.s. formspring was getting a little boring and a little weird, so i've opted out. i'm fickle like that.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

a love song or two

these were sitting out on the mail table in our apartment's foyer this morning. our landlords are too cute.

...hah yeah, i know i said i wouldn't have a chance to update today, but i thought of something fun to do in honour of the day: list off a few love songs that i consider to be the best, in my humble opinion. be them happy or sad love songs, these are the ones that have always gotten me right here, and i scoured youtube for videos so you could hear 'em yourselves.

but hey, you: what are your favourite love songs? let me know in the comments, i'm always looking for more good music. in the meantime, here we go with my list, in honour of valentine's day 2010:

the sisters of mercy - "some kind of stranger"

yes, i posted this a few days ago, but here it is again -- because i do believe this to be, unequivocably, the best love song ever. sure, it's very dark, very goth and slightly forboding - as it should be - but man oh man, it never fails to crush my chest in and make me choke up by the time the final refrain hits. von's voice has never sounded better, in my opinion.

peter murphy - "i'll fall with your knife"

more goth love songs for your buck! peter murphy - the frontman of 80's goth godfathers bauhaus, if you didn't know - actually does a great ballad, and this was one of his best. (also, search for "cuts you up" for another great goff-y ballad.) when i saw him live last year, "knife" was one of the absolute highlights, and it sounds even better on record.

the cure - "just like heaven"

vaguely interchangeable with "lovesong" and "friday i'm in love", i think that this song completes the cure's trifecta of perfect pop love songs. you just can't deny robert smith's prodigious talent for writing upbeat love songs, and this is one of my absolute favourites. (it was even my ringtone for many years!)

blue rodeo - "lost together"

...and here comes the cancon! i've been divided on blue rodeo for many, many years, mostly due to my mother's deep adoration for that band (unlike her youngest daughter, my mother's not the kind to fangirl over bands in any way, but man does she ever love her blue rodeo) -- and, consequently, the overplaying of blue rodeo in the house when i was a teenager. as i've gotten older, i haven't quite gotten into them or anything - despite the fact that the boy has worked on a number of their videos, and also been in one - but i will admit that this song gets me every. damn. time. if i ever get married, this will be the first-dance song. i will fight to make this happen.

jeff buckley - "hallelujah"

okay, fair enough -- i love and worship the leonard, but i do have to tip the fedora to the late jeff buckley for his cover of "hallelujah". this song's been covered to death by singer-songwriter after singer-songwriter, but buckley did it best, and i dare you to deny it. (props to k.d. lang, though, for her masterful performance of it at the olympic opening ceremonies last week)

depeche mode - "enjoy the silence"

again, another unconventional choice for a top love song, but just look at the chorus: "all i ever wanted / all i ever needed / is here in my arms". this is a great, great song in a multitude of ways, but i've always found that it works especially well as a love song. if you can, try to find division day's slowed and stripped-down cover; it will also break your heart.

placebo - "running up that hill"

speaking of breaking hearts -- this cover of the kate bush classic shatters the fuck out of my heart every time. as soon as brian molko hits the "come on baby / come on come on darling" part in the bridge, i'm absolutely lost. i clung to this song during a particularly turbulent affair a few years ago, and thank god that didn't ruin it for me. i can still listen to this song and sob it out.

yeah yeah yeahs - "maps"

apologies for the lack of female voices on this list -- i hope karen o makes up for it, here. truly, she does a great job of punching right into your gut and then taking your heart out and wringing it dry. hurts to listen to this song sometimes, but it hurts so good.

joy division - "love will tear us apart"

the standard. if this one doesn't affect you - especially if you watch it in that pivotal scene in control - you have a heart made of stone.

matthew good - "avalanche"

you honestly don't want to know how many times matt good songs have made me cry. this usually gets me a number of scoffs from most canadian music snobs, but whatever, i'm not ashamed to admit it. and this was the song that grabbed me by the heartstrings the most. perfect broken-heart anthem.

moist - "believe me"

i got the opening bass part of this song tattooed. not much else needs to be said.

now, to spend the rest of the day with the man in my life. happy v-day all!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

bought and sold

so, i guess there was some big event thingy on tv last night? ending with fail on an internationally televised scale? oh, canada. (what can i say, i missed the first half of the ceremonies because of the leafs game going on at the same time, but then tuned into the olympic spectacle after the buds went down to st. louis 4-0 in the third period. the horror, the shame)

news to be used, at your leisure:

a neat feature over at nme titled life after rock. because we all secretly love the "where are they now?" features, particularly when they involve formerly-famous rock stars now doing insane non-music things. like, um, working on the large hadron collider. (and i would totally buy cheese made by alex james.)

list time: exclaim!'s top punk/metal bands that you should be ashamed to like. written by keith carman, so you know it's going to be 1. authoritative and 2. awesome.

john mayer: possibly racist, possibly homophobic, entirely polarizing. i dunno, i'm definitely not into dude's music and i definitely think he needs a verbal filter, but i do kind of admire how he speaks his mind and doesn't really give a shit what the media think. i mean, i don't admire the bigotry, but calling jessica simpson "sexual napalm" is pretty grand. (and if i were her, i'd take that as a compliment.)

just in time for tomorrow (and maybe for john mayer to take notes): eight romantic songs you didn't know were about rape. seriously, it's right there in the lyrics.

oh yeah, and is it really insane that i totally want the leopard hoodie that rihanna's wearing here? because seriously, i would pay good money for that thing. money that,'t exactly have, because i'm still unemployed and poor. but man! do want.

speaking of want, i know your poor eyes are aching for a break from all this strenuous reading (no! not the reading of words!), so here's some pics of randomosity:

also, i think i must be one of the only twenty-six year olds on the planet who receives valentine's day cards & gifts from their father. this year, it was two books - kathleen flinn's the sharper the knife, the less you cry (had never heard of it before, but i got sucked in pretty quickly -- it's a fun little memoir) and michael pollan's food rules: an eater's manual (sort of appropriate since my father's bought me both of pollan's other books) - plus a $20 bill in a charlie brown & snoopy valentine's day card (with instructions to "spend this on a coffee at your favourite coffee shop", written in my father's typical illegible teacher's scrawl). have i mentioned how much i love my dad? i have? okay then, so you know. and i do.

this is my dad. he looks like tommy lee jones.

okay, although i have no plans for tomorrow aside from lazing about with the boy, hopefully watching bronson if we can rent a copy (because nothing says romance like a biopic about a hyper-violent british prisoner), and making penne alla vodka (with a heart-shaped blueberry pie for dessert), i probably won't update here, so in that case: happy valentine's day (or anti v-day) to you all. it's a silly "holiday," i know, and i wish i could unsubscribe to it like the boy does, but man...i'm a romantic. any excuse for it is okay by me. cheers!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

body chemistry

these entries really are getting more and more spontaneous, aren't they? seriously, it's starting to feel like the old days up in here.

(no pictures in this entry 'cause i'm lazy. also, i haven't really left the house since monday, other than going to the gym and back. and who the hell would want to see photos of my doctor's office? lamez)

idolator has your bonnaroo lineup (yes, i enjoy idolator, and not just because one of the admins stops by here once and a while. hi, idolator admin!), and can i just say holy shit? for once, a festival that i'd actually like to attend (and watch more than just three bands)! (jenna's trying to sway me towards lollapalooza this year, but i'd rather wait til the lineup's released, thnx) i mean, there is some seriously good n' eclectic stuff in that lineup, man. even if i did have to look up the geographical location of tennessee. what can i say, i'm terrible at non-canada geography. secret shame and all that.

oh geez, metric, uh...yeah, not the best t-shirt idea. skimming the article for a minute, i didn't see what was wrong with it, then i read what the shirt referenced and wrong message, indeed. great single, though.

to this, i do not agree: leona lewis has the most romantic song of all time. uh, no, sorry. don't think so. try this on for size:

best love song ever, i swear. even if it is a totally goth love song, and a seven-minute long one at that. who cares? once von gets to the "come here, i think you're beautiful" part, i'm all choked up.

hey, remember robin black? (i was actually listening to some of the old songs - which i had in frequent rotation in my early twenties - last night, and still feeling sort of awkward about the fact that i briefly dated the band's drummer. yes, another drummer; yes, another massive age difference. but what the hell, it was fun, and he was a nice guy, so whatever.) anyway, so now that their eponymous frontman is an mma fighter, he destroyed an opponent's ear in a bout last friday. "We always knew that Robin could be unforgiving on the ears, but this is totally next level." oh, brophy.

the occult symbolism of sherlock holmes! not gonna lie, i kind of love the crazy batshit tin-hat theories that go on over at vigilant citizen. just reading the comment threads alone is usually worth the price of admission.

another couple of pop-culture analysis bits for you to chew on: via oh no they didn't!, the rise of the fangirl phenomena; via allegra, why taylor swift is a feminist's nightmare. i have to say i heartily agree with both overviews. (and as i commented on allegra's facebook wall, taylor swift is totally the human embodiment of twilight. ugh. feminists fought for equality and womens' rights for how many years? and for this??)

and one more from oh no they didn't!, mostly because i thought of jenn (and also my innumerable mass of male cousins): fake simpsons words that belong in the dictionary. you know you can hear them all in your head as you read them, don't lie.

health is...still a bit off. de rigueur: headaches (almost always in the morning, which leads me to believe i'm clenching my teeth in my sleep again), slight nausea (feels a lot like acid reflux to me, which i've had problems with before -- inhaling rolaids as we speak), cramps (both intestinal and uterine), and on and on. not feeling quite right yet, obviously, but i'm hopefully getting there -- detoxing the fake crap out of my system and whatnot. if anyone's interested, check out the comments on my last few entries -- one of my anonymous readers gave some good food for thought (no "food" pun intended) on dietary needs/switches to regulate one's system post-pill. evil, evil gluten.

alright, off to the gym to try and sweat the headache out.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

comparing mythologies

super bowl viewing pics, doin' it up right:

dean and i went to southern accent last night to watch super bowl xliv, which was kind of a weird choice -- it's a new orleans resto, true, but it's a restaurant (and a very nice, date-spot-y type one too), not a sports bar. which meant the atmosphere was a bit more subdued than we expected, but hey, they had better food than any damn sports bar i've been to, so that was a plus. (the bill? not so much, but eh, a nice dinner is worth it) and getting to see the saints win while hammered in a classy n'awlins restaurant was a fun trip. see pics above, etc.

oh, and p.s. i do have some loser-cam vids to show, but i have to wait until towards the end of the month -- because our internet usage is almost all used up, at very little fault of dean's or mine. see, our billing period right now is running from january 20th til february 21st, and up until the last day of january, we were sharing our internet with a tenant down the hall who just moved out.

guess who decided to stock up on downloads in the week before she left?

...yeah. fuck. so now dean and i are left with maybe 20% of our total usage to last us until the 20th, which means no psychotic uploading or downloading of stuff. goddammit.

oh well, other things.

via oh no they didn't!, here's fuse tv's 40 sexiest videos. yes, we all know how subjective these types of lists are, and for sure "sexiest" here translates to "highest amount of mostly-naked hip-hop sluts", but lolz at #1. you really can't argue it, i don't think. (though if you haven't heard it yet, giant drag did a great cover of it a few years back)

white stripes...ballet. interpretive dance, i can see, but ballet? uh, i think i'll reserve judgment. (though man, canadian stripes fans are totally a lucky bunch, eh? first the documentary, now this here in toronto)

couples, take note: 13 things not to get your valentine. we're pretty much eschewing any concept of "valentine's day" in our household, with the exception of making a nice dinner (booze-soaked pasta and blueberry pie) and cracking a big bottle of red wine. good stuff.

is it sad that i'm sort of excited for clash of the titans? not even because i've seen the original - i haven't - but i've been a greek mythology buff since i was a young'un, and these casting choices look excellent. (but uh, io? was io even involved in the perseus myth at all? she's the goddess of the friggin' rainbow) even if the trailer insists on having a lame nu-metalz soundtrack:

last but not least, tmi land!: went to the doctor's today. if i could, i would've gone straight to my gyno, but you need a referral from a g.p. before you can make an appointment with the gyno, and even then, he's only available like two fridays a month, so you're usually waiting a month or two...blargh. anyway. so yeah, doctor's appointment, got the feet in the stirrups, got swabbed, got poked, got prodded, explained my concerns (i suppose it's notable that my doctor is male, but so is my gyno, so i guess it doesn't really matter either way), didn't receive any definite answers but the swabs are at the lab now so i'll know within the next few weeks.

however, it's probably wrong that the highlight for me was when my doctor commented that "on thin women like you, sometimes you can feel any lumps or abnormalities from the outside"; of course, he said this as he had one gloved finger up my business and was prodding my ovaries with the other hand, but oh well. whatever it takes. (i've lost ten pounds since my last appointment - i think that was in august? - and my doc kept asking, "it is intentional, right?" -- i guess there'd be reason for concern if it weren't. mmmm, tapeworm)

(pssst, lady readers -- if this isn't enough of a reminder for you, reminder: get yer pap tests done yearly. no, it's not pleasant - and it does involve swabs, albeit not fingers, up your business - but for hell's sake, it's a cancer test. who are we of the 21st century to refuse a cancer test? get it because you can.)

anyway, someone needs to make me these. they will be my valentine, i promise.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

down to the wire

some links to go through first, as i go through this pounding post-medication headache of mine:

winnipeg couple thrown out of motley crue show for having sex. well, fuck, if you can't have sex at a motley crue concert, where can you? (and don't say mildred's temple kitchen, although i suppose that could be a viable answer)

holy crap, here comes noel gallagher! really, did anybody think dude didn't have so much pride that he wouldn't want to face his attacker head on? i would pay to be a member of that jury, i tell you.

oh no! leonard cohen has to postpone his european tour because of a back injury! get well soon, leonard! goddamn, do i ever love that old man. (check out the awesome pic of him along with the article -- so best)

pavement and modest mouse are playing the pitchfork music fest. anybody surprised by this? anybody? you, in the back, get outta here.

guide to the super bowl -- yes, one of those "primers for women" articles that always seem to pop up around the big game. obnoxious to be sure, but i'm linking it because of my nascient pride at the fact that i already knew all of those bullet points. go saints!

if you need more of a touchstone to connect football and your music obsession, idolator's got you covered. that shot of p!nk is damn near perfect.

miss christine. hot hair! hot boobs!

did anybody not see this tabloid bullshit explosion coming?

otherwise, i feel like i'm getting buggy from staring at screens all the time - computer monitor, mostly; television if boy's in the house - despite the fact that i'm just coming off a year and a half of working 9 to 5 staring at a computer screen. (it never facilitated getting eyeglasses, but i got a pair anyway because 1. they're sexy and 2. they were essentially free) so i'm trying to get out on my feet a few hours each day -- gym for an hour or so in the morning five days a week, as well as making sure i'm out and walking for at least two hours. i really do attribute my dropping of a few pounds (i mean, really, i'm down to 126 now. i remember when the fucking scale used to say 145) to not having a sentient desk job, and to making sure i get off my ass every day. it's certainly not the grotesque amount of rice krispie squares i've been eating. mmmmm.

the boy whips up some culinary mastery in our tiny kitchen -- not rice krispie squares, though, massive sausage burgers (i made a roasted mushroom sandwich)

oh, and i forgot to mention in last entry that i've now been off the pill for two weeks. it's been by-the-book so far, i guess -- i've had the nausea, the cramping, the fatigue and the headaches on and off. also have had spotting for the last week or so, which is actually rather disconcerting to me. (bleeding between periods can be a sign of cervical cancer, as can pelvic pain, which i've been having a bit of lately -- or maybe it's just cramps, i can't even tell. even more confusing is that all of those things are also symptoms of endometriosis, which my gyno's suspected i have. so there's another possibility to consider. bah.)

anyway, it's sort of frustrating right now because i can't tell what's normal for going off the pill and what's a potential "warning sign" of something worse, but i'm doing the right thing and going in to my doctor's on monday for 1. answers and 2. yearly pap test. number 2 will yield number 1, also.

so yeah, i won't deny that i am a bit worried. but there's really nothing i can do about it besides what i'm already doing - going right to the doctor's in two days - so i'm trying to put any negativity out of my mind. sigh.

still, don't know if the girly hormones are accounting for the rush of sentimentality lately -- i sent a long, sappy card to my father the other day. not only has he been bolstering my bank account (despite much arm-waving and half-hearted protesting from me), but he's been giving me lots of emotional support and just being an all-around awesome dad. check it. my dad is the best.

last but certainly not least, r.i.p. brendan burke -- the youngest son of leafs general manager brian burke was killed in a car accident on friday. he was a very brave young man who did some very big, very brave things in his short 21 years here. here's a very moving overview from the fans and the media. you're going to need kleenex.

as i said on twitter, let this be a lesson to always say "i love you" to the people important to you. my father and i always end our phone conversations with "i love you" - always - because it feels like the right thing to do. we've got a short time on this planet, people, and you never know when it'll be your (or your loved ones') time to go. make it important.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

in a former life

me (texting): Leafs story headlining the Toronto Sun today: "Jig Is Up!"
boy: oh they're so clever...
me: Their typewriting monkeys, you mean?

man oh man, my hatred of the toronto sun is rivalled only by my hatred of the province. (though i will say that this story, however shittily written, still made me glad i never got the h1n1 shot. up yours, big pharma!)

daily dirty coffee fix.

awesome bag is awesome.

news across the internets!: fall out boy have, well, fallen out. yeah, like that joke isn't gonna be used to death in the coming days. you read it here first, people.

mmmmm, more dead weather coming. jack white fix? psssh, bring on the alison mosshart, plzthx. she definitely gets my nod for awesome, don't-give-a-fuck rock chick of the decade.

zooey deschanel will star in a tv series based on i'm with the band, pamela des barres' first book. really is shades of almost famous, though one of the commentors on oh no they didn't! said it best when they commented that after reading the dirt, des barres' opus is like child's play. for real.

i am confused by this fuckery. really, that is all.

...this fuckery, however, is confusing yet totally awesome. best supergroup ever? i think so!

editors news article. turned out okay, i guess. still loved interviewing their frontman the best, even if i did get all mushy and fangirly at the end and the record label rep had to cut me off.

back on the home front....i feel like my baking is going through a renaissance period; perhaps subliminally trying to recreate my childhood by recreating my mother's baking (fresh bread, rice krispie squares, etc). next up will be the chocolate mint brownies, the chocolate snacking cake with powdered sugar on top, the chocolate macaroons ("haystacks" i think they're called everywhere else), and the ridiculously delicious chocolate-peanut butter squares. we were definitely a chocolate family. (well, with the exception of my father, who's one of those rare chocolate haters. maybe this was my mother's strategy -- make a lot of chocolate goodies so there'd be more for the women of the house)

i never have to wonder how i grew up with such a sweet tooth. nor have i ever taken my height for granted. (being 5'8" gives a girl lots of room to put any extra poundage. though according to my brand-new digital scale, my old analog scale was tacking on three more pounds than i actually have...i'm 127, not 130! holy crap!)

yes, yes, girly blather, body issues, self-esteem destruction, etc. etc. mute it. i eat right and i get up early almost every morning to go to the gym, whaddaya want.

as far as the money situation is going, e.i. is still being a bitch, gets props for having awesome customer service (they refunded a long-overdue christmas present that never made it to me), and my father is a saint. the end.

oh, but i have a gigantic job interview on friday -- the final phase of a month-long bid to snag me a prime job at a prime p.r. firm. if all goes well, i'll be able to land it. here's hoping, anyway -- this could be a definite career-starter and a chance i'd really love to have in my professional life. phew! nerves. excitement. hope.

in my other life, though, i was in a music video:

(0:26 through to 0:36, with a solid shot at 0:29 -- i'm the brunette with the shades, jeans and sleeveless dark top nodding along to the music. quickie extra.)

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Monday, February 1, 2010

weightless heart

just did a tea audit of my cupboard. right now, i currently have the following: a small box of murchie's best ceylon, one stray bag of stash's goji berry green, two bags of harrod's earl grey, a box of stash's fushion green & white, a box of stash's decaf pumpkin spice, a little less than half a pound of murchie's ms. grey (loose-leaf), a box of traditional medicinal's organic echinacea, and an almost-empty tin of tetley's decaf ginger mint.

clearly, this madness must stop.

so, hello! happy monday. how was your weekend? did you get up to anything fun? i did a lot of 1) sleeping in, 2) tea-drinking (see above), 3) losing my shit like every other leafs fan over the trade bomb that general manager brian burke set off yesterday (the boy and i spent a lot of time staring wide-eyed at each other - and at the tv - and yelling "holy shit! holy shit!"), and 4) wandering the city semi-aimlessly. well, that's not true -- i was looking for a particular bottle of vodka, but alas, the quest was futile.

the grammys were on last night. i didn't watch because i was knee-deep in the anticlimax of the year of the flood - have i mentioned how much i, like so many other young female writers, adore and worship margaret atwood? fierce bitch is fierce - and couldn't be bothered with the idiot box. somewhere deep down, i feel self-satisfied that i can still refuse television for the pull of a good book. the computer, though....yeah, another question entirely. but then i wouldn't be here, and then what would you be reading right now? (i recommend the kitchn or cracked)

anyway, idolator has a great compilation of grammy news and tidbits, so if you scorned the box like i did last night, go on over and i'll meet you there. mmmmm, commercial music trash.

so, 25 years ago, would anyone have imagined a headline such as "Steven Tyler rocks at Home Depot" showing up anywhere other than the onion? yeah, thought not. (lest you doubt the power of the almighty onion, remember that it is prophetic)

the a.v. club talks cultural obligations when it comes to mass-market zeitgeist garbage. well, for the most part. bet most of my readership can totally understand and empathize with this article. (i have yet to watch a single episode of jersey shore...or the hills, for that matter)

k-os quitting the album biz. i've always liked that dude. he used to send me weird myspace messages on occasion, for no reason.

speaking of social media, students are failing english because of it. in other news, the sun rose this morning. (interestingly enough, this study's been going around for a while now, and an offshoot states that kids these days are writing more than ever due to facebook, twitter, blogs's just not good writing. i know allegra feels the pain)

finished the editors news article late last week; should be up in a few days, or at least before the 16th, when they're playing here in toronto. i continue to rue the fact that i'm so dirt poor that i can't afford the big $$$ concerts (though i did see adam franklin last night at the drake - he's an old friend of the boy's, not to mention swervedriver is the boy's favourite band ever - but that only set me back $12, and it was money well spent because the show was high levels of awesome).

a good february to you all.

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