Tuesday, June 30, 2009

on the run

man, it sure gets quiet around here on weekends, doesn't it?

i suppose that's what comes from being actually busy in the real world for once -- though i can't say friday and sunday were spent doing much more than just chilling out (although i did accomplish a load of laundry and an hour in the gym on sunday, and managed to imbibe plenty of alcohol both days), saturday was a frenzy of summer shopping (two pairs of flats that are taking turns mangling my feet, a pair of almost-trashy short shorts, an equally-short denim skirt, and a plaid blouse top in the fake-dyke tradition of lindsay lohen), groceries, errands, checking out the fabulousity of pride, sushi with allegra, and so on. good times, all.

and to be fair, my twitter gets pretty busy, so at least i'm not losing full contact with the world.

but! as of tomorrow, i'm on the move once again -- boy n' i are packing up all our stuff and hauling it to our brand new apartment of cohabitation! we're both pretty psyched about the place, the area, the changes, the new beginning, et cetera et cetera. true, tomorrow's gonna be a bitch of a day - starting with the van pickup at 9 a.m. and going until we've got all his stuff packed in, out to mississauga to pick up all my stuff, taking it down and dropping it off, then doing a garbage/salvation army run - and it's not exactly my idea of the best way to spend the canada day holiday, but hey. we're getting a new apartment out of the deal, and i think that's worth it.

let's give you something more substantial and worthwhile in the meantime:

new editors album has a title and release date! so so so psyched -- enough to make me want to pull out their last two albums and give 'em both a few spins. i'm just really happy they've made it to their third album -- not bad staying power for a band everyone initially wrote off as a copy of interpol (which, okay, they essentially were, but in some ways i'd argue they've surpassed interpol, for real). plus they're nice guys, too -- interviewing tom was a nice time, and he didn't even mind when i got a bit gushy at the end. (the label rep listening in on the third line, however...ahem)

idolator sets things straight: rick astley is not dead. "internet killing spree," lolz. (and no, you won't find me blogging about michael jackson in here, because while i respect his contributions to music and feel bad for his kids, i think the guy was a pervert and a pedo) frankly, i'm just happy jeff goldblum is still alive. jeff goldblum, people!

interview with white cowbell oklahoma, who are fun weirdos and also my twitter buddies. you can't not love a band that involves chainsaws, free booze and flagrant nudity in their live shows.

limp bizkit and ufc = sadly, not to be. now that's a match made in heaven (hell?) if i ever saw one. woodstock riot memories, anyone?

coincidentally enough, i'm listening to wavves right now. and i don't normally like this stripped-down, fuzzed-out skronk sound, but "friends are gone" is a pretty quality tune. actually, there's plenty of great stuff being played on indie 103.1 now that it's internet-only. i can safely say that listening to quality tunes all day at work is one of the highlights of my day.

okay, that'll have to be all from me for now -- lunch to be had, errands to be ran, work to do, kittens to feed tonight, and then packing 'er up and moving 'er on. wish us luck in amalgamating our two households into one!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

another song for me

this past weekend: tiring. delirium. hazy. as i said to dean, "nxne is more of a test of endurance than a music festival." and yeah - holy balls, yeah. imagine this schedule: watching thursday band from 1-2 a.m., then getting to bed at 4 only to be up at 8 for work the next morning; watching friday bands from 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., then getting to bed at 3:30 only to be up at 8 for father's day brunch the next morning; watching saturday bands from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., and finally crashing asleep at 3:30 in the morning. did i mention i was either drunk or hungover for all of this? i slept like the dead on sunday, to say the least. (though the buzz/headwind i was running on saturday was pretty remarkable -- i solely credit it to chocolate-covered coffee beans) there will be a few scant cell-phone pics showing up here once i upload 'em, so watch for those in the coming days.

but in total, the sleep and liver-cell sacrifice was worth it: i got to see some awesome bands (the majority of which featured my boyfriend, but hey, i wouldn't have it any other way), meet some cool new people, hang out with my dad for an early father's day, and just generally feel back in the thick of things, if only for a couple of days. hardly a weekend of relaxation - and i don't even think i'll have a night to relax until wednesday this week - but sometimes those are necessary to keep the endurance levels high.

for those whose endurance levels were much more trained than my own (i do remember the days when i was able to be out until 3 a.m. for multiple nights in a row, but now my body/brain/logic demand i get sleep), the muchmusic video awards were last night, and idolator has your list of winners (including a pretty wretched nickelback video embed). again, i apologize for popular canadian music in general. but oh, sweet irony in the fact that shawn desman's brother won for best pop video.

kate moss allegedly destroys the new unfinished kills album. look out naomi campbell, there's a new temperamental supermodel in town! (also, :( at the loss of new kills music -- i'm sure moss isn't too popular right now with the band's fanbase, if she ever was)

speaking of the kills, singer alison mosshart's new outfit the dead weather play on the tonight show. definitely enjoying the rock n' roll swagger -- zeppelinesque, indeed.

a look at the slow death of the independent record shop, framed around the new doc i need that record!. i didn't get to see that one at nxne - the film festival portion's a separate beast - but there are some pretty scary statistics there. even scarier to realize that i can't remember the last time i've bought an actual physical cd -- i usually just figure i can either download the music or buy it on itunes. i am totally part of the problem. :/

...and as such, i'm pretty sure i would be on trent reznor's blacklist, because the man just can't quit you, cyberspace. blogs, trolls and haterz beware!

finally, i have at last jumped on the texts from last night bandwagon. i know, i know, took me long enough. old meme and all that. but hey, random funny is random funny.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

out of place

i'm feeling sort of weird for not being more into nxne, as i have been in previous years. sure, many of my friends are still as excited and super-into it as they've been in years past, but all i can think about at the end of the day is how exhausted i am from work and how i don't want to shower again and slap on makeup again and go out on the town when all i'll be doing is counting down the hours until i can go home and sleep. that's really it, in a nutshell. i'm just too tired to give a damn about the parties and the schmoozing and the shitty indie bands. i was gonzo about that stuff for the last five years; now, in my sixth year, i'm just kinda done with it all. i dunno, maybe it'll be different when i move closer to the downtown strip in less than two weeks (!!!).

but for now, there is at least one gig tonight: mamabolo, which dean drums in, is playing the ungodly 1 a.m. slot upstairs at the el mo. that time slot sucks, mostly because they're a great band with solid songs and good people, and also because i don't know how i'm going to keep up until after midnight if i have nothing to entertain me beforehand (i'm thinking a post-spin class nap may be in order this evening), but oh well. tomorrow is bionic (who are breaking up after their next three shows -- coincidentally, my heart is breaking too), after a valiant attempt to squeeze into the horseshoe for change of heart. i know, good luck with that.

saturday: c'mon, both afternoon and evening shows. that is all.

in the meantime....

canada's walk of fame got itself some new nominees. pretty deserved all around, looks like -- but extra "huzzah!" to blue rodeo, my mom's favourite band. i think she's seen them like ten times or something, and one time was even with me, but i can't say they're my bag exactly -- though i do admit a longing to have "lost together" as the first-dance song at my wedding, if one ever happens to occur. (i would also be happy for robert munsch, but i met him once at a kid's book conference when i was eight and all i can remember was that he was grouchy as fuck)

holy balls! muse is gonna support u2 on a few dates! i realize this is probably really old news, but it's still a perfect pairing in my mind. even if i like muse a whole lot better. bombastic! (i still remember hanging with them at the bovine after their second club show in toronto, years ago. they were nice guys.)

you know, i love holy fuck's band name precisely because it causes shit like this. doesn't hurt that they're also nice guys, too -- and the music's good, can't forget that.

lollapalooza reveals festival schedule. i cry because i'm still divided on whether or not i should make the attempt to go (and whether or not it's too late by now), and also trying to figure out how i was able to afford to go in 2006 - when i was killing myself between two crappy part-time jobs just to pay the rent - and possibly not able to afford to go now, when i have a solid job and solid income. confusion!

new order say "screw you" to pete hook. new band, good times! hooky seems like a jerk anyway.

oh, and one last plug for the north-by madness: ben rayner's picks of the festival. i generally trust rayner's opinion, and he's got some good convincing arguments here. now i'm actually considering getting a wristband...maybe.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

travelling without moving

first off, the big news across the canadian music blogosphere yesterday: the polaris prize long list! yay especially to leonard cohen. i care not for anyone else on that list. (because i have terrible taste in music, i remind you.)

even cooler, more canada-centic news: white stripes canadian road documentary is coming! those were some wacky, wacky times back in 2007. can't wait to see this one! (even if i did miss that last-minute dead weather show last saturday...ironically, i was downtown that afternoon when wristbands were being given out, and i wasn't busy at all on saturday night, but them's the breaks)

the end of the virgin megastore. this actually causes me to weep inside a little bit, since there was nothing at all in canada like america's virgin megastores (though some of our hmv stores are similar in size and range of products, now), and the first time i went into the one in chicago, i had heart palpitations. fond memories of lollapalooza 2006.

also from your good friends at idolator: denny's allows musicians to create their own menu items. the apocalypse, it is nigh. (though the madden brothers' burritos actually sound pretty edible -- for the rest, you can go ahead and have mental images of this is why you're fat right now)

but of course: new h.i.m. album on valentine's day 2010. i really do wish i could like ville, but i was too underwhelmed and unimpressed when i saw him live for the first time. meandering around onstage looking bored and pissed off may be goffick enough on paper, but in practice, it does not please music critics.

and now, blogto - by far my favourite of the internet's toronto-centric web hubs - has got up a great guide to the north by northeast festival madness this weekend. i'm glad i'm not doing coverage this year; got too much on my plate otherwise, though i'm sure i will be missing that pretty little press pass more than a few times.

though it must be said that nxne week = busy week! aside from kitten-feeding tonight and book reading with christine tomorrow night, the boy's bands - two of 'em right now - are playing thursday night, saturday afternoon and saturday night, not to mention friends' bands are playing all night friday. add to that the fact that my father's coming to town on saturday morning/afternoon for an early father's day get-together - involving lunch, antiquing, and ago-ing - and things are wild. crazy and fun, though, as always. hang on to the rollercoaster and don't fall off. (the things that keep me sane remain the same: boyfriend, cooking, long walks, writing and music)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

i am coming home

and just like that - thankfully - we have an apartment.

it's a great little two-level flat (bedroom & bathroom on main, kitchen & living room below) on the first floor of a well-designed house; there's lots of natural light, high ceilings, laundry in the basement, a dishwasher(!), and in a cool little neighbourhood towards the west end of downtown. i'll still be able to walk to and from work - it'll take me half an hour, but that's the perfect amount of walking time in my opinion - and it's close to all of the good stuff: awesome bars, patios, grocery stores, music venues, quality coffee shops, and plenty of west queen west culture. i've never lived in the immediate area - hell, never lived on the west end of toronto in general - but dean has, and he's looking forward to moving back to his old haunt. he and i are already scheming about apartment layout, furniture, decor and so on.

moving day: wednesday july 1st, bright n' early. sweeeet.

a few pics, as promised:

dean talks to our soon-to-be landlord in the bedroom. check out the huge bay window!

the view of the living-room portion of the lower level, standing from the stairs.

same shot, but from the bottom northeast corner of the room. that big mirrored closet kind of creeps me out. (and it's not actually a closet -- it just covers the downstairs wiring panel)

dean checks out the stove in the kitchen area. right behind him is the fabled dishwasher (omfg)!

rockstar boyfriend flashes the horns from the kitchen. i'm sort of in love with that little island. (and also, with rockstar boyfriend.)

layout of the place -- lower level on the left, main level on the right.

aside, though, i'm feeling those old familiar twinges of dissatisfaction in my everyday life and routine. i don't know, there's just something about the early onset of summer that gets my wanderlust twitching. as always, don't get me wrong -- i've got it seriously damn good in my life right now. but there always is a part of me that, as an ex put it, "finds satisfaction in not being satisfied". there's always something more i want out of life, even if i can't describe it or find the right words for it. right now, i just feel like wanting to get out of the regular grind and do something fun and exciting -- something that i can look forward to. fingers crossed in the pursuit of figuring that out.

anyway, on to more worldly news...

torontonians, you knew it was coming: drake vs. kardinal offishall. still pales in comparison to k-os vs. k'naan, but what can you do, we're pretty short of options when it comes to hip-hop feuds up here. (also, in case you're wondering, i think drake wins because he might possibly be dating rihanna. just sayin)

the horrors doing a headline tour of north america! though after how underwhelmed i was by their last gig, i don't think i'll be a lock to attend. it takes a lot to earn back my trust, even though their new album is quite stellar. they also don't think much of "blog culture", so i guess they won't be reading this anytime soon, and that's alright. (side note: oh, nme, how i miss you. nagging reminder to self about how self hasn't bought or read any current music magazines in the better part of a year.)

matt good cuts lawn. astronomical amounts of awesome.

ashlee simpson denies split from pete wentz. and the world breathes a sigh of relief. (i dunno, it sounds like a pretty normal relationship to me...but i guess a lot of things look way worse through paparazzi lenses)

idolator reports on trent reznor's breakup with social media. such a caring, affectionate relationship just couldn't have lasted. at least, not where n00bs and trolls are concerned.

also, sharing time: c'mon plays "psychotic retraction" at the xm studios, with a bonus quickie spot about ants infesting the freedom van. insights from my boy, the hot longhaired guy in the black wifebeater who's hitting the drums: this video was filmed approximately two summers ago; the previous night, they'd played a late showcase gig and were hammered up until like 3 in the morning; they were drunk all over again when that last segment (about the ant infestation) was filmed. but if you ever wanted to hear my boyfriend talk hilariously, here's your chance. i love.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the beat goes on

i still find it kind of funny how there's no archive for june 2008, simply because i didn't have the time or the means to be blogging. also, my life was something of a rollercoaster at that point in time; i had just moved into my own apartment, was still frantically job-hunting, and was still going through the typical ups and downs of being in a "new" relationship. it was a big crazy tumultuous time in my life, so one year later, i can thank all the gods above that things aren't nearly that chaotic now. aside from budgeting, apartment hunting and juggling my time between many different worthwhile pursuits, things are good n' solid here. knock on wood, as always.

but yeah, that doesn't really excuse a lack of blogging in the last couple weeks, so as far as that goes, i can only offer up the fact that my boyfriend just got home after a month-long tour. i've been busy. i'll leave it at that.

jam! has your summer music preview. new music! everywhere! all the time! i mostly just enjoy the snarky comments.

it's always a great headline when it involves the word "fail" -- specifically, 1,623 guitarists fail to break world record. i feel bad for those involved, but not too bad because i greatly dislike the music of neil young. thus, schadenfreude! (i would have been much more disappointed if they'd chosen "hallelujah".)

the nra and the nuge, together again. that's a one true pairing if i ever saw one. ickkkk.

ontd! presents the new depeche mode video! good god i love that band. love that band so much. but somehow, not enough to have the money set aside for their concert here in toronto next month :( (my logic right now is that there won't be any good seats left...and i refuse to settle for lawn seats for dm. standards, sighhhh)

the best beer selection in toronto, brought to you by old/longtime chartattack co-conspirator john pee. i've never cared much for this "beer" substance - i've been a vodka girl ever since i started drinking - but i'm always up for a good pub or two. or five. or so many i can't remember them all the next morning.

now, nxne is coming up fast, and c'mon is playing in a rock-awesome lineup at lee's palace on saturday the 20th, and i expect you all to be there. or else. (again, full disclosure: i'm banging the drummer. i even have the hoodie to prove it.) there are some other good bands in the lineup, but i've got nothing else set in stone...oh, except for bionic at the el mo on friday the 19th. good times.

in the meantime: luminato is in full swing here in toronto, and while i care very little for art installations or strange plays, i do care very much for gothic short-story readings, and so christine and i are off to check that out tomorrow night. for now, though: kitten-feeding at the embattled toronto humane society tonight, more work throughout the week, the ongoing apartment hunt, and continuing to be happy each morning that i get to wake up next to my awesome hot boyfriend every single day now. hurrah!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

where you want to be

i know you missed me. don't lie.

anyway! i was much correct in my prediction seven days ago that last week would be the week of stress (tm). in between getting caught up at work (which wasn't at all difficult, mostly due to the awesomeness of my coworkers holding down the fort while i was in vancouver), trying to sell my bed (bedframe got sold, mattress did not, but them's the breaks), sorting out everything for the packing and the moving and the storage, viewing an apartment on friday that turned out to have astronomical hydro bills on the side (nooo thanks)....yeah, it was chaos and insanity.

but i am back here now, one week back into work, one day back into living out of two duffel bags in the boyfriend's bedroom. it's not so bad, really -- just inconvenient if you want to try and find a specific article of clothing. and keeping everything tidily organized in a space that isn't your own is a bit of a challenge. but it's only for a month, and the apartment hunt for july 1st starts this week - boyfriend is estimating he'll roll back into the city wednesday night - and then we're off to the races. in the meantime: hockey playoffs, gym-going, spin classes, and baking a guinness chocolate cake for dean's return. yes.


if you're not canadian and into the indie-rap scene, you probably missed the awesome news that cadence weapon became edmonton's poet laureate. seriously, that actually made me like the province of alberta a little more. canada: we're cool!

mmmm...dr. pepper. can't say i'm that into dr. dre, really, but lately i've been on a vanilla vodka with diet dr. pepper kick. try it sometime -- it's good shit, clever commercials notwithstanding. (i still greatly enjoy the gene simmons one - mostly because his hottie jailbait son is in it - though it doesn't quite beat my current two favourite commercials, the stella artois légère one and the rbc's commercial with the avioning guy)

i don't even know who this "wavves" is, but everybody enjoys rockstar meltdowns! on that same topic, i wasn't surprised at all to hear that susan boyle entered rehab after losing britain's got talent. "exhaustion" is always the least plausible excuse ever, but people still run with it.

and you know what, i don't really care -- i like mandy moore. i really do. i would totally want to be her friend. she also got even cooler by marrying ryan adams, thus making them kind of the indie version of pete wentz and ashlee simpson. but, like i said, way cooler.

peter murphy is playing at the opera house in a couple of months. $35 for a ticket seems pretty steep to me, but miss wrathof and her husband were very convincing of its worth. i'll still consider it. perhaps a request for reviewing is in order...i think i'm still chartattack's "resident goth", anyway.

also, going through my cookbook last night, i realized that dessert recipes outnumber dinner recipes at least 3 to 1. i really ought to change this, for my waistline's sake.

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