Tuesday, April 28, 2009

georgia on my mind

back. alive. excited for the week! many awesome gigs coming up almost every night, kittens to feed tonight, pre-gig friend hangouts wednesday and friday...the only downside to everything is the fact that this time next week, my boyfriend will be gone on tour for the rest of the month, but i just bought a bus ticket to see the band play in london on saturday night, thus prolonging the fond farewells for one more day. after saturday, though, they're pretty much off across canada for the month.

but he'll be okay -- as i said to him, i feel infinitely more secure about him touring canada as opposed to last winter's europe tour, if only because c'mon has done the cross-canada route so many times and have so many friends along the way. it'll be good.

not so good is reading the stand at a time like this. (for those who haven't read it, it's about a superflu that kills off almost the entire planet.) i actually had to put the damn thing down last night and force myself to read something, anything else. yeesh.

oh, and weekender cooking update: good morning muffins on friday were enough to make boyfriend say "you're getting really good at this, babe" (this is a good thing); chana masala on saturday night was excellent after the addition of ginger, garlic, and green chili peppers; drunken baking of dark chocolate-chili cookies later on saturday night was, surprisingly, fantastic. especially since i got the damn measurements right this time. stupid grams.


the horrors are coming! oh, the...horror? not really -- bad puns aside, the goth-punk quintet from the uk are playing here in toronto with the kills next week, and if all goes well, i may end up being able to review the gig. if not, they're playing vancouver on saturday the 16th - the day i arrive - and if i'm not too jetlagged, i figure i can always check 'em out there. ooooooh gothy rock!

new from the social distortion camp: charlie the drummer has left! bums me out -- he was one of the nicest guys in that band. (well, they were all pretty nice, really -- one of their guitar techs even nicknamed me "the supermodel") if you missed my adventures on the road with the black halos as they opened for social d - exactly two years ago! - and you have a few hundred hours to waste, read about them here.

early performers in the lineup for this year's s.c.e.n.e. festival. if there was ever an excuse to go to st. catharines - and really, you kinda need one - that'd be it. just goes to remind the rest of us that north by northeast 2009 is on the horizon...delna, you in for this one? ;)

new depeche mode documentary coming soon! there is also a fantastic interview with fletch on the site that is well worth the read. i pretty much love all of those guys (though i might kill something for the chance to talk to martin l. gore), and it just adds more fuel to the fire that is my longing to go to lollapalooza this year. i guess i'm just a commitmentphobe.

serena ryder covers band of horses' "the funeral". notable news for two reasons: one, i love that song; two, one of my coworkers went to high school with her and says, errr, not very pleasant things about her. i dunno, just sayin'.

forget swine flu and earthquakes, here's the real sign of the apocalypse: creed are reuniting. this is pain.

the new hilarity: fuck yeah cilantro. pretty much exactly my kind of humour -- crude, random, and full of profanity. also, cilantro.

okay, my lunch break's almost over, so i'm out. be good to each other this week, soak up the sunshine (ignore the rain today) and try not to die from killer influenzas, okay?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

done right proper

it's relatively easy to make me happy -- just show me some new sisters of mercy songs (and possibly the accompanying new song lyrics) and i'm in tears of delight. love them. would stalk again. thank you.

at long last, the lineup for lollapalooza 2009! i'm still on the fence over whether or not to make the leap and go -- not that i don't want to, because holy shit of course i do, but whether or not i'll have the income to spare. due to not having to pay rent for may or june, i'm going to have a shitload of extra money according to the quick budget i drew up, but my looming student loan debt plus credit card debt keep on staring me in the face. like an angry vulture. and so it's hard to justify any extra spenditure right now. but i might just break, especially with a lineup like that.

chromewaves takes a look at the new horrors album. finally, cw covers an indie band i'm actually interested in! no offense to those whose musical tastes lean towards the twee, folky, offbeat and orchestral. i like shitty goth bands from the 80s.

apparently kill hannah's spring uk tour is cancelled -- work/recording obligations got in the way. i weep tears for the bazillions of british kh fans (seriously, they're one of those american bands that have blown up in the uk, which is sort of bizarre to me but okay); rejoice at the possibility of running into them in chicago during lolla, if i make the trip.

idolator looks at the idea of simon cowell leaving american idol. to date, i can proudly say i've maybe only watched the show four or five times in my life, so any signs of its impending destruction are a+ in my book. i mean, really, shouldn't someone have taken that old horse out to pasture with a shotgun already? it's so done. like, lady-gaga level done. bah.

coachella apparently happened last weekend. i missed it because i was busy hacking up a lung.

items going into the "tour care package" i'm putting together next week for the boy: a batch of homemade dark chocolate-chili cookies, two boxes of crackers, a bag of fruit snacks, dried mango slices, wasabi peas, dried fruit & almond trail mix, a box of oatmeal granola bars, dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, and lakota extra-strength back pain pills. i do these things right.

here's another one, by the way:

like i said -- i do these things right. (in this case, dating a sexy rock star man.)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

all the lost souls and me

i know, eh? mania.

...yet there will be a large amount of stress and anxiety taken off my shoulders for the next while, as the big move that was going to take place at the end of may - leaving dean and i all of only two weeks to find a suitable place available for june 1st (since dean will be gone on tour for all of may) - isn't happening. oh don't worry, it is still happening -- it's just getting pushed forward a thankful month.

see, dean lives with a friend of his, and isn't on any strict timeline to move out -- just sometime mid-year/summer. so instead of june 1st (or, more accurately, me going june 1st and him following whenever he gets back from tour), we're gonna make it july 1st instead. and because my apartment's lease is up on may 31st, on that day, i'm going to move my stuff into storage (aka dean's mom's garage), pare it back down to a couple bags of necessities, and move in with dean at his place for all of june. then, once he's back from the may tour, we spend the rest of june looking for an apartment for july 1st. see how much easier and convenient that is? i'm telling you. (not to mention it's kind of funny/appropriate how it'll all come full circle -- i moved back from vancouver and lived out of two bags for a month at his place, and now i'll be doing the same a year later. except this time i have a financially lucrative job, whose office just happens to be kitty-corner from dean's apartment)

plus it goes without saying that that gives me two months of rent-free living. and i won't tell you all how much pay i'll be able to save up in two months. that would be crass.

still, i feel sort of bad about how the situation had to come to this -- i think roomie was planning on renovating/converting the apartment as soon as dean moved out with me, and now that won't happen until july. but we've both made solemn promises that we will be outta there by the 1st of july, so business can continue as usual. and then cohabitation shall commence as planned, desired, what have you.

so! i hope that sort of explains my absence -- apartment hunting is really sucky and stressful, apart from work continuing to be crazy and having no internetz at home and me suffering from a debilitating head/chest cold for all of last week. it's been mania, like i said.

anyway, there's yer update. in the meantime, i'm still struggling with work tasks, trying to keep up to date with the rest of the world while it goes on without me, cooking, cleaning, running errands, and slowly coming to grips with the fact that my boyfriend leaves on tour in less than two weeks and will be gone for an entire month. such is life.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

lonesome hunter

yes! hello. as predicted in my last blog entry, there was indeed a delay over the weekend, as i indeed had no internet access at home. and it's starting to look like it's gonna be a permanent thing -- up until now, i'd been blagging someone's unrestricted wireless connection from somewhere, but last week it suddenly...disappeared. no signal to be found. and with my only option being paying bell or rogers an "installation fee" to hook me up with my own connection - and then having to pay them again when i move at the end of next month - it just doesn't seem logical, especially when i'm spending the 9 to 5 on the internets anyway.

so, i'm going to try and look at this as a nice unplugged break. sure, it'll be an inconvenient one sometimes - you don't really know how much you rely on the internet for information until you don't have it (not to mention it really highlights how much everyone else uses it, what with social media and the like) - but it might be nice to have to take a forced break from it all.

until i go crazy and call and see what they can do to hook me up, that is. but i'm poor, damn it. :(

okay, anyway, that's enough. how was your easter weekend? mine was full of hockey (the hockey summit of the arts was super-fun, the boy's team played well and even got to the semi-finals, and the hootenanny show on friday night was aces), cooking (chocolate-chili cookies on saturday night, turtle brownies for easter on sunday morning, roasted chicken with veggies that night for dinner), sleep, gym cardio, partying, good people and good times.

to whit, a couple camera pics from the weekend (i tried to use dean's camera on the first day of the tourney, but the dollar-store batteries crapped out after six shots):

this was what the courtyard outside the tournament arena looked like in late morning/early afternoon on both friday and saturday. ah, the sweet smell of airing-out hockey gear.

the halifax-dartmouth ferries make a solid play during the first period of their semifinal game. note foxy goaltender to the right. that's mine.

first goal of the semifinal game! celebration! jubilation! (you really had to be there)

unfortunately, the ferries would go on to lose the semifinal game 5-2, but it was a terrific effort from a team that not many people expected would get that far. 'twas an honour and pleasure to cheer for them.

regrettably, though, the rest wasn't as relaxing as a long weekend should have been -- too much running around, getting stuff ready, trying to be in certain places at certain times, can't be late, can't forget stuff, etc. etc. hectic anxiety. and it'd pretty much been that way in my life since, oh, last wednesday. i sort of felt burnt out by the end of the weekend -- and it isn't going to lighten up that much now, since the next business on the horizon is organizing and scheduling the great apartment hunt of '09, hopefully to be completed by the end of the month. ouch.

i'll catch up as you catch up:

katy perry admits she has "satan's period". i almost want to go "tmi!" but i almost sort of like her even more for saying that out loud in front of an audience. it's always nice to see another one of my fellow girls who doesn't have a tmi filter. (seriously, i have no filter for that sort of thing -- just ask any of my redfaced friends. yet absolutely nothing makes me happier than a companion who's equally as open to blabbing about icky girl body stuff.)

the a.v. club's list of 24 musicians who actually did well in acting roles. i know, i know, i was surprised they managed to come up with 24 as well. two or three, maybe. i guess it could be worse -- they could've had to try and find actors who are also decent musicians.

for hell's sake, peta. i swear to god, they do the majority of this outrageous shit just to keep their name in the press. i don't ever want to meet anybody in their marketing or publicity departments.

mat has the rock n' roll life i wish i had. no really, remember how i wrote a while back about how it's hard to adjust to "normal" life after you've lived on the edge? that there is a good reminder that there's plenty of people out there still living it. and the majority of them are rock musicians.

idolator's "vital update"! i'm not even going to spoil it for you -- you just have to click and see for yourself. it's vital, all right.

you wanna talk about vital? depeche mode to shut hollywood boulevard. as the way it should be. all is right with the world! (can someone please buy me a flight to los angeles? i'll make it up to you, i promise)

david caruso sued by ex! how's horatio caine gonna get out of this one? (sorry, not enough coffee yet to make me clever enough for horatio-style bon mots -- though i will mime taking my sunglasses off, if that counts)

alright, that's all i can manage right now. on to calling up potential landlords for potential apartment-viewing appointments...wish me luck!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

growing up undone

as i said in my facebook status update, rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

catalysts for my brief disappearance: hard at work, doing good work; internet access at home has been kaput since monday night; had wednesday off to cover a myriad of dentist and doctor's appointment; just damn busy in general. sorry! is life. (not that i'm not completely arsed at the fact that my internet connection at home has suddenly disappeared with no indication of when i'll be able to re-access it, if at all...sigh)

and things are only going to get more zany this holiday long weekend -- lack of internet updating aside, dean is playing in the hockey summit of the arts, which is a giant hockey/indie rock blowout that takes place here in toronto every easter weekend. it's generally super fun times for all, and i'm pretty stoked. also pretty stoked to spend easter sunday relaxing with the boy (unless his team makes it to the tourney playoffs, that is -- and if so, woooooo!), and trying my hand at roasting a chicken for the first time. uh huh.

there is also the distraction that is this:

this. this is what i get to wake up next to almost every day (soon to be every day, as we're shackin' up in only a month and a half). this is a rock star. this is my boyfriend of one year and four months.

he's also pretty, as you can see. and a distraction of the most welcomed kind.

follow-up-to-yesterday's-appointments file: teeth are clean with no problems reported, tetanus booster was administered, ears were cleaned out (probably the most vile and disgusting thing i've ever seen), prescriptions were written, physical examination was given (no breast cancer, hurrah!), and i signed up to be a kitten feeder at the humane society from 7-11 p.m. on tuesdays. i'm probably going to die all over the place, but i know it'll be worth it. (i melted just walking into the place. uh-oh.)

anyway, regretfully i can bring you no pop culture or music news, because i'm still catching up on all of it myself! it's a real testament to how much we depend on being online to keep us up to date on things when, if you don't have access for a day, you're suddenly behind on everything. balls. but maybe i'll come up with something, uh, later? if not, feel free to jump on my twitterfeed and see what spontaneous 140-character madness i can come up with.

รก la prochaine -- and happy easter!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

static switch screens

to all those who picked up on my down-in-the-dumps mopey-ness at the beginning of the week (i know who you are, and i love you for your concern): yes, there was angst and troubs; yes, it was all happily resolved last night, and things are once more all good. no worries, peeps! issues got discussed, apologies were given, kinks were worked out and then some (har har, wink nudge). i'm happy with the results.

...and for a bonus round of happiness, i finally received my uber-adorable apron yesterday, which elevated my delighted levels from 'cheery' to 'joyful'. little bluebirds and rainbows and all. hot damn, it's gonna be good times in the kitchen! dean has already coined the gleeful phrase "naked bakin'!" (on deck: dark chocolate-chili cookies for whenever, chana masala and a coffee cake recipe from the joy of cooking - 1972 version! - for saturday night's dinner)

trent reznor had a totally awesome april fool's day joke yesterday. seriously, i don't know anybody who would've believed it, but it was hilariously tongue-in-cheek anyway. between that and his twitter, i'm liking the man more as a social media mastermind than a reclusive angsty post-90's goth.

elsewhere, pitchfork takes the time to round up music-related april fool's jokes. i don't know if any could beat that cure vs. depeche mode feud from a few years ago - where the cure threatened to sue dm over the use of their iconic "boys don't cry" image, and it was amazing - but there's a couple cute ones in there. there's also a helluva lot more gullible people out there than you realize.

idolator takes a good, hard look at the folly of bookstores when it comes to stocking cds and dvds -- and, of course, the "markdown" that inevitably must follow when said stock fails to sell. that is, if you consider $12.99 a sale price for a cd that probably costs $9.99 on itunes, and nobody buys cds anyway. except for the good people who frequent the superior sonic boom here in toronto.

iggy pop says no to biopic. exact quote from mr. pop: "They can wait for me to be dead. Fuck you, I won’t do your biopic promo.” that is absolutely fucking amazing. not to mention spot on -- how weird would it be to have a biopic on your life while you're still alive? i wrestle with this question on a daily basis. (no, not really.)

stereogum nails down the twitter imposters. some of them they're not sure of, but a lot of them have solid marks against them as fakery. celebrity twitter accounts really are the new celebrity facebook accounts.

clay aiken 'a spectacular father'. is it amusing that i first read that as 'spectacular failure'? yeah, i thought so too.

the new hilarity: down goes brown, the blog for embittered yet forever hopeful toronto maple leafs fans. so yeah, safe to say you won't understand it if you don't know hockey, but for those that do, it's a sarcastic satire goldmine. and everyone knows that mean, sarcastic humour is pretty much the only kind i find funny. i'm an asshole like that.

coworker kat alerted me to this spot-on article about the "quarterlife crisis", which i'm sure is or has affected pretty much all of my friends around that age. i know i'm still going through parts of it right now. way to hit the nail on the head, hipsters at eye weekly!

maru the cat makes the world better. seriously, i've watched all five minutes of that video like half a dozen times now. best cat ever.

last, and certainly most importantly, i believe a big mug of hot green tea cures everything. the end.

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