Sunday, February 17, 2008

yes it's real

what a week. this one's looking to be just as rough, i'm afraid, though at least i'll be working on a different schedule from now on -- more of your typical 9-to-5, monday-to-friday b.s. but i guess it's hard to be bummed out about the menial things in your life when the most gorgeous morning is going on out there. :P seriously, weather like this makes me want to bitchslap anyone who says vancouver is "all rain, all the time". sure, it's rain a lot of the time, but when it's sunny? it's probably the most insanely gorgeous place in the world. looking out from my deck right now at the sun on the mountains makes it look like a postcard, or a movie set.

sorry, ontarians who are dealing with so much snow that they no longer know where to put it. :P (case in point. i want to say i remember what that was like, but my mother said she hasn't seen a winter like this in years, so i probably can't)

liam gallagher: married on v-day! wonder what noel would have to say about that. probably would include a string of inexplicable, mumbled expletives. bless.

not so bless (but pretty damn ingenious, considering who it's coming from): win a hunting trip with ted nugent. the nuge is kind of like the forces of evil: has to exist in order to remind us of all the good in the world. thus, i can only roll my eyes and shake my head.

new album coming up for the raconteurs, whom i honestly didn't know were still a band. yet i dredged up fond memories of them only yesterday, when relating this story (relevance to the topic at hand near the end of the entry) to a friend. makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

also on the schoolgirl-giggle radar: has a webisode up about kill hannah. (is that the right word? "webisode"?) just seeing mat's face puts a grin on my own, and d'awwww he's still so awkward in live interviews. bonus: old band photos ahoy! god i still fucking love that band to a gazillion little eyeliner-smeared pieces. (there's also fun with the shinys at that website too)

now, for valentine's day: still a bullshit excuse for a "holiday". i no longer have to say that because i'm bitter about being single (truthfully, this was the first valentine's day i spent not single); now i can just say it because it's true! :P and it is. still, a few belated/related links that are continually funny no matter what the day: action-squad's indie hipster valentines (i got one from sofi! i'm **~speshul~**) and the a.v. club's review of edible sex toys. um, ew.

it's sunday morning which means i'm going back to bed.

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marianne said...

I still can't believe I'll actually be seeing KH in Amsterdam in 2 months from now!

In a way, I should be thanking you for it. You're the one that got me into them in the first place.