Sunday, February 10, 2008

give me one last try

a fantastic radio station discovery this weekend! :D

specifically, the one i'm now constantly streaming via itunes is "90's alternative", which more or less plays the soundtrack to my early adolescence. in one hour i heard jane's addiction ("been caught stealing"), collective soul ("precious declaration"), the verve ("bittersweet symphony" - what else?), bush ("glycerine"), prodigy ("smack my bitch up"), the offspring ("why don't you get a job?" - omfg hell yes), candy skins ("for what it's worth" - tell me stop baby what's that sound everybody look what's going downnnnn), and i can't even go into how many others. sure, i could have done without the blink-182 following up inxs (which was, in turn, followed by marilyn manson's "sweet dreams" cover, which i associate most with grade 8), and if there were more canadian content from that era i'd be in heaven, but just the fact that i recognized like 98% of the songs within the first ten seconds is a testament to how that is my era of music, no matter how inherently awful the majority of it is. (as in, some of it was songs i could go forever without hearing again. i mean, come on -- eve 6? semisonic? filter? mighty mighty bosstones?) seriously barb, you would have been delighted.

anyway, just brought back so many memories of high school, particularly the early years when my best friend would go away to toronto a couple weekends a month and tape songs off edge 102 for me. (though really, is it so weird that i always thought "pepper" was by beck, not butthole surfers?) and no, i'm completely unashamed of my love for that era. funny how one of my editors said recently that one of my strengths as a music journalist is the fact that i can appreciate music that isn't critically beloved; i blinked and replied, "so my biggest strength is that i love shitty bands?"

well, maybe.

speaking of shitty bands (or lack thereof), the grammy awards are on right now, and mtv is keeping a running tally of the winners for those of us who are too poor and/or obstinant to own a television set. idolator's liveblogging the shindig, and so is stereogum. ah, who am i kidding, even if i did own a tv i probably wouldn't be watching them anyway. i'm too busy listening to shitty 90's alt-rock. (the station nearly lost me by playing creed's "higher," but i've since been won back by the one-two punch of third eye blind's "jumper" and live's "all over you")

oh, but here's some dirt (or lack thereof) from clive davis's grammy red carpet party. it's mostly all about amy winehouse - and i am far, far winehouse-d out by now - but awww, dave grohl! seriously, it's hard not to love that dude. unless you're courtney love.

segueway!: ontd! has the full scans and article from the harper's bazaar feature on frances bean cobain. and man, read that shit and try to tell me that's not an astounding well-adjusted kid, especially given her past, parental figures and, well, life in general. and she's adorable in those photos.

so the 2008 sxsw lineup has been released, and your friend and mine, chartattack, lines up the canadian content. many a familiar name on there to moi-meme, although a few disappointing absences...oh well, i'm gonna be busy that weekend anyway. more details on that later, but i'll say that it has a great deal to do with that mental image i mentioned earlier of a bunch of planets crashing together in my little universe. eeeeep.

though while you're at the site, you should also read this article about dearly beloved, because i used to work with rob and will testify that he is an absolute sweetheart. i also had a tiny little crush on him, as i am (was?) wont to do with musicians, and would have to hide my girly blushings every time he came into the office. eh, what can i say, i was a sucker.

my newest time-waster: the onion av club. no secret that i've been addicted to the onion since high school - i'm an asshole in that i find nothing funnier than sarcastic mockery - but hey, intelligent snarky writings on music and movies? i'm down, and you should be too.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm heading back to the grammy liveblogging. a happy rest-of-sunday to you!

p.s. new video game obsession: rock band, preferably played with friends while everyone is drunk on jagermeister. i'm middling on drums (the boyfriend's skills have no influence on me), a bit better on bass, and i can slay vocals if the song was originally done by a female. nailed 100% on the yeah yeah yeahs' "maps"! all hail the soprano melisma.

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Barb M said...

Hahaha yes!! We have a new alt rock station here too, although it's not just 90s. They play random Clash songs, but hey! Awesome times! BTW Cam's out west now, but I'm sure you know this. Hope you're having a fantastic time with your b/f.