Wednesday, February 6, 2008

get (in)famous

okay, moving on from the gushy-giggly-schoolgirlness (aka totally shutting up so i don't make anyone vomit from all the cuteness)...

big excitement of the week: juno award nominations! as i explained it to my boss at work, it's not like the awards themselves are even a big deal -- it's just really, really cool to see my friends get nominated for things that acknowledge their work. i'm not that close to anybody who's up for awards this year, but it's still a nice thing for a lot of the hometown kids to get nods, and so many british columbians too! will be interesting to see the results... (even if my darling's superior rock band didn't get nominated, and yes i was slightly sore to see that)

by the way, chartattack has got mini-interviews with many of the nominees. i did the coverage last year, and it was a damn good time. well, what i can remember through the haze of free beer, anyway. (i seem to vaguely recall one of my editors and i being completely smashed by 7:30 p.m.) cbc arts has a more critical look at the whole shebang. or is that realistic?

also over at the mag's online presence, there's a gallows show review done up by my main dude s-jeezy, and an additional review at jam! music. while i can safely say that the band was probably better at their gig here in vancouver, i can also agree that there should be much praise all around for cancer bats. holy shit, do those dudes ever rock hard. props!

`tis the season for summer festival lineup reveals: pitchfork talks bonnaroo `08, no longer the hippie-folkfest of yore. well, i'm betting there'll still be plenty of hacky-sacking -- but to the chill soundtrack of live metallica!

oooh, and more news from the `fork that made me happy: dave gahan remix album coming! my heart still belongs to depeche mode - and i would still totally do martin gore - but, like, daaaaaave. biggest soft spot ever, at least ever since that interview i did with him. what a sweetheart.

amy winehouse to write and sing the new bond movie theme...if she's not too cracked out, that is. speaking of british rockstar smackheads, spin's got pete doherty on their cover, which pretty much guarantees i'm going to buy a copy. i can't help my love for peter, i'm sorry.

alright, must get self clean now (so as to spare self having to get up even earlier in the morning tomorrow to shower). two more days to weekend, two more days to weekend...

[ music | dave gahan, "deeper and deeper" (juan maclean club mix) ]