Monday, February 18, 2008

the darkest one

funny how a single familiar song listened to in the middle of a crowded street can serve as such a vital reminder.

-but what about you and who you are, what you've done in your life so far? think about all the ones you call friends now, the ones you've drank with and partied with and slept with and fell for. think about the ones you've interviewed, the ones who've remembered you, the big names and the famous ones, and the ones you've been able to proudly tell stories about afterward. think about the long hot nights and the smell of cigarette smoke on the cold winter air, think about the glory days and the ones you've helped and worked for and cared for. you've known so many of them in so many ways, to the point where you can walk the streets with their same self-confident swagger and turn the same amount of heads -- because by now they are your people, your lovers and your family. you are no longer on the outside looking in, and there is no longer a pedestal because you know them, you know them, as deeply ingrained as your own blood and heart and soul. for so long, you've been theirs, but now they are yours as well.

when you think about where you came from, sweetheart, think about how weird, random and surreal your life is, and think about how goddamn lucky you are. very lucky i am.

[ music | the airborne toxic event, "sometime around midnight" ]