Thursday, November 29, 2007

for your apocalypse

things i need to do personal-growth wise to ensure that my time here isn't a waste:

1. become a nicer person. a lot of my friends will tell you that i'm already a nice person, but i'm not as good at heart as i'd like to be. i'm still selfish and cruel in ways that makes me cringe at my own immaturity, and i know so many really good human beings that it routinely makes me ashamed of my own actions and thought processes. i want to be one of those people, considerate and open and selfless. it's going to require me to grow up a bit, and i think i need that.

2. complete the first step towards getting my full driver's license. i've been told by many musicians that my value as a road companion would go up astronomically if i could drive, and that makes total sense -- when a band's on tour, they always, always need more drivers. and though i wouldn't gain full road access for at least another two years, i really ought to start at it now.

3. learn how to take life one day at a time. slow down. don't overload myself or obsess over multi-tasking and time organization. i developed that lifestyle as a total reaction to high-speed life in toronto - i was juggling two jobs and school for three years, remember, and then three jobs for a whole year - and it's taken its toll. i really don't know how to live from day to day -- i'm constantly planning ahead, thinking about tomorrow and next week and next month and what needs to be done and how much time i have to do it. and you know what? it sucks. it's tiring. so now i have to consciously unlearn that behaviour and learn how to go at a day-by-day pace. maybe i should take up yoga.

4. get some more writing gigs under my belt. what i'm gunning for is an actual job at it, but if i can expand my style and at least get some more publications to put on my cv, then that'll do for now. so long as i get more professional experience and further my journalism career while i'm here, then it'll be worth it for me. seriously now: do i really need nine months spent perfecting my latte-making abilities? don't think so.

5. develop new interests and/or nurture old ones. i want to start paying more attention to clubs, organizations, meetings and the like, not only because i want to meet new people (this is also an ambition while i'm here: make as many vancouver friends as possible) but because i want to try new things and get some culture while i'm at. i'm forsaking getting a tv in favour of going to the library every weekend, because reading books and absorbing different writing styles has always been far more fulfilling to me than watching a flickering idiot box. sure, i'm still going to plenty of bars and concerts - probably more so than i did in my last two years in toronto - but i want to expand my interests and do different things. see what else lies beyond my little sphere of experience.

6. finding a way to make a living and career out of what really makes me happy. and here we dive into a vaguely philosophical/metaphysical debate i've been having with many people lately: are the things you really love only that special because they're usually fleeting and don't last? would those things make you just as happy if you had them all the time, or would that everyday-ness make them less enjoyable? is there a sustainability to that sort of perfect happiness, or would that be illogical -- because for it to exist, there'd have to be a downside as well?

let me try to explain this given my own experience: i've found what makes me truly happy in life. really, i have. and, unsurprisingly, it has everything to do with bands and musicians. see, for me, making contact with the musician is like making contact with the art -- it sounds cheesy and cliche'd but it's true. it's like touching the ephemeral, and for me, it's that brief glimpse through the doorway that has me hooked. it's what i've always strived to find again, after all -- what i mentioned in this old entry here, a way to that other world. the only way i've ever seen is to get close to them, and i've tried it on a multitude of levels -- being their friend, their fan, their quick fuck, their publicist, their interviewer. all of these are satisfying, to an extent, but what i realized last friday night is that i really enjoy just being with musicians. hanging out with them, talking to them, listening to their conversations amongst themselves, just being there.

and what really, truly makes me happy is being on the road with a band.

i am never so happy as i am packed into a van with a bunch of rocker guys, smoking, shooting the shit, laughing at in-jokes, teasing them and getting teased in return, singing along to bad songs on the radio as we barrel down the highway to the next gig and the next adventure. it's their show, it's always their show - i rarely have the impulse to be a musician myself - but i thrive on being the support, the protective force, the cute face, alternatively the nurturing one and the one that needs to be looked out for. in short, it's like having the coolest bunch of siblings ever. (there's a reason i tend to refer to many of my post-tour musicians as my brothers, after all.)

i seriously do have more fun with that than i ever did in my years of sleeping with musicians (and, consequently, getting my heart broken by musicians). it's actually kind of the same in my everyday personal life right now: i don't care about having a boyfriend because all i really want are brothers. i don't want affairs, i just want family. the love there is so much less complicated.

and see, not even my music journalism has offered me that sort of connection. it can be a useful asset and it can give you power, but it stands you alone. it doesn't always have to put you against them, but it puts you on the other side regardless, and you can't really get any closer to them. the contact is so temporary that unless you really work to build upon it (and i have, in a few cases), it'll just be another fleeting encounter with just another journalist. true, i'm far from a simple forgettable journalist - i've had bands remember me years after interview, which probably has something to do with the novelty of me being young and female and unexpectedly intelligent - but it's not always enough for me. (plus it's a well-understood fact that if you become a music journalist because you want to be a friend to rock stars, you are in the wrong fucking line of work.)

so, there is my happiness. and therein is my question and dilemma in one: is it sustainable? and would it become less special if i had that all the time? (if i actually found a way to stay, that is?)

here's where a harsher voice never fails to speak the truth: you can't just keep running after whichever of them seemingly wants to adopt you. didn't work very well the first time, now did it?

and me, speaking quietly over the phone to my father saturday morning: "i know it sounds dumb, but i think what i've always really wanted is for one of them to come get me and take me with them."

and echoes of an old phone conversation, two years down the broken line: "after this tour is done, i want you to be with me. i'll come up there and get you. really, i promise i will."

...maybe not always, then. maybe just since him.

(they're your people, little girl. you don't have to go finding them -- they'll always find you. and you feel the ties coming together in the background, just like last time. you'll see the effects months, maybe years down the road, but they'll happen.)

nine months left of finding myself.

p.s. i'm going home for christmas after all. both of my homes.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

the things you believe in

yeah, so there was that.

let me talk for a sec about friday night first: the awesome montreal band bionic was here to play pub 340 as part of their current cross-canada tour, and i'd been psyched to see them for weeks now. and of course, it turned out to be seriously one of the best times i've had in months, no matter what province i've been in. those four guys are all total darlings - i'm their sometimes merch girl, happy enough to either do it for free or take my pay in beer and t-shirts - and i love hanging out with all of them -- usually into the early hours of the morning, it seems. (the last time we all partied together in montreal, i didn't get back to my uncle's until six a.m.; this time, i was awake for over twenty-four hours, just sitting up with jean and tim at their friend's house, smoking a gazillion cigarettes and drinking a shitload of stella and talking about pretty much everything.)

so yeah, there was no problem there at all, aside from my sad disappointment that i wouldn't be able to catch any of their other british columbia dates (and they're not getting back here until next april). i miss them already and all that - i don't have any rockstar boys here yet, after all, whereas i had multitudes to care about and support back home, and they were my livelihood for the longest time - but no, the revelation alluded to in my last blog post was because of the question that all the guys individually asked me, in their own ways: "how are you liking vancouver?"

and this was the problem (at least to me): i still didn't bloody know how to answer.

see, various people have been asking me that since probably my first week here. and i figured it was okay for me to not have a decided opinion on vancouver in only my first couple weeks -- i still had to get settled and everything, after all. i figured that once i had my own place and a job and a decent sense of being centered, i would be able to say that seriously, i love vancouver. i love it here. i'm really glad i moved.

the problem i realized friday night was that it would be a lie. because i'm still indifferent, and that disturbs me deeply.

i'm kind of holding onto hope that springtime and summer will make me fall in love with this city like i really truly want to - in fact, that's the answer i'm mostly giving these days, a small smile and a shrug and a well, it's alright, but i think i'll like it more in the spring - but right now, almost two months into my exodus to the west, i don't love it here. i realized that pretty keenly when i sort of waffled through my answer to the guys, and they all nodded sagely and said that they thought it was an alright city, but they wouldn't want to live here. there was nothing here for them -- nothing here for those who thrive on music and culture and nightlife and being connected in the scene. (my people, in other words.) and i realized, with a certain amount of subconscious relief, that i felt the same way they did. they knew i didn't belong here as much as i knew it, and as much as i've been afraid to admit it to myself or anybody.

i don't hate vancouver. there are certainly moments that make me happy to be here, but if anything, being with the guys on friday - hanging out, sharing stories, having them convince me more and more that i'd be better off in montreal - made me realize that i actually would rather be in montreal. i think i always kind of knew that, especially after my couple days there back in october. i had planned to move to montreal after i finished school last year, after all, but then i wasn't ready to leave toronto. too many things would've been left undone. but by now, i really am done with toronto - at least for the time being - and so it wasn't hard for me to leave it when i did. though now i can't help but wonder if my location redecision had been a good one. (particularly given the actual reason i came to vancouver instead -- and yes, there was a reason, but it's one i don't even like admitting to myself so you ain't getting it out of me)

...but i wanted to give vancouver a fair shot, you know? i really do believe that if i'd turned tail back at the end of october and ran back home (then, consequently, used my vancouver money to get me to quebec), i would've regretted it. i would have always wondered if maybe i hadn't given vancouver enough of a chance. and i do still want to give it a chance -- as my mother said over the phone this morning, "this is a miserable time of year to be anywhere." i've been told by countless people that i came "at the wrong time of year" and that spring and summer in vancouver are nothing short of fantastic. and i'm pretty well stuck here anyway -- i signed a ten-month lease when i moved in, so i'm here until the end of next august. that's such a long time from now that it scares me, but i do at least try to keep in the back of my mind that a lot can happen in the next nine months. something may happen to change my mind about this place. who knows? but regardless, i am pretty well decided at this moment that i'll be heading back east in august. it's where i need to be. still, for now, this will be a nice break and a good period in my life for growth, soul-searching, all that. i just have to focus and make a real effort to change things.

so i'm making steps to at least make my time here worthwhile. my father, good soul that he is, is in favour of the idea that i should spend a few months seriously trying for a writing gig - i'm mailing off my portfolio pieces and cover letters to a variety of local publications tomorrow - but if i can't find one, then i should sublet the rest of my lease and come home. but while he doesn't like to see me miserable, my mother has always been the purveyor of tough love, and told me that i should stay until august. stick it out and survive and grow as a person because of it. and she's right, of course -- it's just hard (though vaguely amusing) when you've got one parent offering you a way out while the other is essentially telling you to suck it up. kind of the usual case in my family, though, but i digress.

and that's that. see, i'm wise enough to be aware that these sorts of personal dilemmas and crisises are common in people my age - par for the course, even - but it's just that much harder when you've recently uprooted yourself and moved across the country from your longtime home, friends and family. i don't even have a center at the moment -- nowhere grounding, nowhere with familiarity, nothing solid to really hang onto while i navigate through the storm. and that? that is the absolute hardest fucking thing.

but i guess this is what you have to do if you want to grow up.

and i never did like doing things the easy way.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

small revelations

"you came here for a reason. you came here to try and find your place, so you have to give it a fucking shot. and you know what, even if you don't find that this is your place, then at least make your time here worthwhile, because otherwise...what the fuck are you doing with your life?"

i just said those very words out loud to myself while standing in my pajamas, coasting on maybe one hour of sleep, looking out my deck window over sunny downtown vancouver and the north shore in the distance.

thanks, guys -- and thanks, delna. i think i'm starting to get it.

it's time to really get the ball rolling on this thing: to get motivated and deadly serious about my ambition to be a full-on music journalist, to make my writing both my escape hatch and my open door to a future of new, different possibilities. this is my priority right now. it has to be, because otherwise all of this will have been for absolutely nothing.

i've got the kingdom and i've got the key, indeed.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


the house across the street from me has a manchester united flag hanging in the top-floor window. that makes me happy inside.

on the opposite end of the spectrum, this makes me die inside, a little bit. though i have to say i agree wholeheartedly with the `gum commentator who posted "as long as someone's writing martin l. gore a check, i'm fine with it." damn straight.

more news i know you've all been waiting for: the imminent return of sebastian bach! with added axl rose for your buck, apparently. of course, all this without even the faintest glimmer of chinese democracy on the horizon...i'm pretty sure that album's well on its way to becoming an urban myth.

continuing down my list of linking to music videos probably nobody else cares about, i'm not sure if i really love this or want to recoil in horror. much respect for zombie jyrki showing respect by wearing a sisters shirt, though. and hey, it's hard to go wrong with pretty european glam-gothrock boys. but, like...don't touch eldritch's music. don't even go there. ever. no.

via defamer: red hot chili peppers suing showtime. they actually have a pretty good point, there. (also, rotf: "primary themes of fucking and life in Southern California")

idols rule at the american music awards. confirming the general accepted fact that america has no fucking taste when it comes to music. (begging the pardon of my american readership, but even you gotta admit it's horrifying) still, at least it gives the fug girls plenty of new and hideous material -- they've already got the party started with kid rock under the crosshairs.

now, a bright spot to this past weekend (obviously brighter than when i turned my heel on the sidewalk while wearing six-inch stilettos and fell, tearing a hole in the knee of my favourite black skinny jeans): i got to spend time with my vancouver uncle and two cousins, none of whom i'd seen for the last five years or so. good to connect - or reconnect as it were - with some actual blood relations out here, and my cousins aren't that far from me age-wise, so we all got along quite well. i'd like to think i'm successfully reaffirming my position as the wild-child rock n' roll cousin in the family.

my uncle also took me around on a mini-tour of the southland, and i was notably impressed even if the grey drizzle and fog pretty much obscured most of the sights. when it comes to vancouver - and its surrounding area in general - i don't think i've ever been in a town that more reminds me of a city in an rpg. i mean, seriously: there's harbours, and farmer's markets, and little shopping villages, and cute boutique hotels, and ferries, and all kinds of wacky architecture. hell, even my apartment reminds me of a final fantasy house. considering i grew up on rpgs, this is kind of a little bit of heaven for me.

but i digress -- here is another family-related (both toronto and kingston) decision: i'm not coming home for christmas.

the easiest explanation i can give is that a round-trip plane ticket to toronto and back would cost over one thousand dollars. seriously, i did all the price comparisons and explored every option, but nope -- all the flights that are left now for the holiday season cost some insane cash. and while my parents wavered on it at first, they eventually told me to go ahead and book the tickets on my credit card and they'd pay me back in full.

i refused.

...i don't know if i can explain it properly or if anybody else will understand (my stepfather certainly didn't, and made it out to be some sort of selfish decision on my part when it was entirely the opposite), but see, i'm huge on debt. feeling emotional and/or monetary debt to another person or party is something i can't tolerate in my life. i lose sleep over this sort of shit. and the idea of my mother and father jointly forking over a thousand dollars to bring my prodigal-daughter ass home for maybe only three days (i can't take that much time off work) is just absurd to me. maybe it's also absurd to say that i don't think my presence is worth that, even at christmastime with my family, but that's how i feel. it's not like i have ridiculously low self-esteem or anything, but i just couldn't do it, even with my parents making that generous an offer.

true, they are my parents. as my mother kept saying, "it's just money. really, it's just money." there's no reason i should ever feel indebted to my parents for anything of monetary value, because they've never made me feel guilty about them supporting me for all the years i haven't lived under their roofs. but i thought long and hard about this, and i feel like it's the right thing for me to do, and my parents understand that. so: christmas on the coast it is. no pity and no regrets.

for now, there be tea with delna tomorrow and sushi with jenna on wednesday, and then an entire fucking weekend of drinking and debauchery. as i said at work today with a sad shake of my head, "this city is going to do nothing for my alcoholism."

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Friday, November 16, 2007

given away to the west

i don't care that there may or may not be a mullet involved, here; would still hit that.

a positive thing to note about starting a new blog: for the first little while - at least, until the searchbots come charging in, and until you start posting images and making statements of relevance to curious people on google - the only people reading are your regular audience. so right now, i'm able to get a pretty good view of my usual readership: mostly torontonian, unsurprisingly, with a few in montreal, my hometown of kingston, one in the netherlands (hi marianne!), guelph, edmonton, california, even as far away as kuwait and singapore. i even have a regular reader in germany, apparently; i don't know who i know in germany, but uh, guten tag! (my german has deteriorated considerably since i took a first-year course in it at university -- a course which i signed up for mostly because i enjoy how brutal and angry the german language sounds)

also, my fame (or, well, "fame") is sort of spreading -- yes, that's me on the currently-airing (ad nauseum, knowing muchmoremusic's programming schedule) episode of popaganda. granted, not owning a tv set or vcr means that i have yet to see it myself (and probably won't unless someone sticks that shit up on youtube), but from all the reports i've heard - not just from friends and family, but even from random customers at work who've caught it while channel-surfing - 1) i do not look hideous, and 2) i do not make an ass out of myself. i referred to the taping back in september here, and i'm sort of glad it ended up turning out okay. my grandparents were proud enough to tell everybody at their local tim horton's the next day, anyway.

awesome headline alert: queens of the stone age get kicked out of rehab! seriously, josh homme is badass 110%.

your daily outrageousness courtesy of idolator is about some dude who kept his hands on a hannah montana statue for almost a week to win concert tickets. this brings both the lolz and the wtfs?.

oh, hooky, whatevs. frank was right, it was kinda nice to see him be portrayed as pretty douchebag-y in the control movie. (...okay, couldn't resist going to that website again...couldn't resist watching the trailer again. nearly cried. again. i love you, anton corbijn)

why canadians rule: super mario is more reconizable than our prime minister. is this really any revelation? maybe harper should start making friends with mushrooms.

here comes the new plague. i won't be impressed until i start seeing zombies.

speaking of black blood, bionic is coming here next week. i fucking love bionic and i am so ridiculously fucking excited to see them again and oh my god awesomeness, the end. (don't mind me, i've spent most of this evening doing up my bionic article for chartattack, and i hope i did `em justice)

otherwise, i have my bed, my fetish coat and an eight-inch long (no seriously, it's eight fucking inches long) pvc micro-mini to go with it, i've got three six-foot tall sisters of mercy posters from the 80's coming my way in the mail, there be mass boozing happening downtown tomorrow night, and life is good.

p.s. on the christmas list: a bass guitar and amp. that's all, really.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

like stars and rain

this video is awesome, even if i don't really get it, and i don't like the facial hair. oh well, still hot.

also in the unconcerned-query department: i don't know who wrote this headline, but it totally rules. looks like there's some shakeups and some new blood over at my old hq (the second dave gahan feature i wrote is in the new print issue -- "the stylin' issue", appropriately), which is a good thing, though i'm not out of the picture -- i'm doing a phoner with bionic on monday. that ought to be interesting, given that i don't have a landline here, thus no phone tap connection, thus recording the interview off of my cell's well, we'll see.

and now, presenting a smiths art video project by...phil collins?! no, not that phil collins. i admit to my slight disappointment.

this brought the lolz out loud. no, really.

via the irrepressable oh no they didn't!: hot interpol action! there are also pretty pretty pictures. aw, old carlos! what a hipster fox. (there is almost something fundamentally wrong with the fact that 98% of us fangirls liked his nazi look better, but i can't argue it)

i'm going to be on this show on monday. don't worry if you miss the episode, muchmore will be showing it ad infinitum for the next couple years, no doubt securing my horrendous image and lame quotes in the annals of bad tv commentator history. (no, i haven't seen it myself yet -- i doubt i really want to. at least my mom's excited.)

on a note of obviousness, i'm really enjoying this novelty that is having the weekends off work. see, for the last seven years, i've worked saturdays and sundays at my crappy part-time joe jobs, and though my new job is no less joe-worthy, it's full time and it's in an office building that's closed on weekends. so: instant time off! ...unfortunately, this also leads to the sort of extreme debauchery that can only be had in a new city on a friday night; the reason why it's saturday night and i'm staying in is because my stomach feels like i swallowed a boxful of tacks. i also spent a good two hours late this morning scrubbing vomit stains out of my carpet. make your own conclusions. (though my friend laughingly commented that i should have aimed more for the box of defective ikea bedframe pieces)

on a better note, i finally connected with my vancouver uncle (i actually have a surprising few relatives out here on the west coast; along with that uncle and two cousins, i have a great-aunt on salt spring island, not to mention my stepbrother and his whole family on the north shore), and it turns out that he has "a ton" of furniture and household stuff that he'll give me for free. bonus! though sappily, a bigger bonus is having real family out here, especially given that i haven't seen this particular uncle (one of my mother's many brothers) or his two sons - my cousins, who are fairly close to my age, and one of them is apparently pretty psyched to see me - in years. my uncle's coming to pick me up next saturday and we're all gonna hang. good clean times that i probably need right about now. i miss family.

it's...strange here, though. vancouver is quickly becoming the most gorgeous place in the world to me, but i know i'm not a part of it, and i don't think i ever will be. as i half-jokingly said to my mother last month, "i figure i've got maybe two more weeks of looking like some exotic creature to the people here, and then i'll just start looking like a local." but if all the stares are any indication, i don't think that's happened. i guess i still stand out in the crowds, and i've never entirely been sure why. even when i dress normally and walk down the street, i still get people trying to glimpse my face and watch me. i don't make eye contact. it all makes me slightly uncomfortable.

also, as i reflected on twitter the other day, it sounds egotistical to say, but people who don't know me tend to find me fascinating. these are generally the same sort of people who tell me i ought to write a book someday, and i react to both these opinions with the same sort of bemusement. i mean, to me, this is just my life, you know? and i can understand that it's pretty weird and surreal and very little of it can be considered "ordinary," but this is just everyday reality for me. this is the life i've made for myself, and i don't tend to think a lot of it is overly remarkable. i know plenty of people who have much more interesting lives. but i suppose i'll take it all as a compliment, because i'd always much rather have a life far removed from the norm than some boring existence.

i need a haircut. unremarkably.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

see if you can float

so i just watched this video, and whoaaaaa. i love the song, it's one of my favourites right now, but somebody is totally not chris cornell, thanks. oh, 1994.

also, current observation: putting together an apartment is hard.

for however awesome my new place is (read: the view, the location, the apartment itself), it came with one rather inconvenient but common downside: no furnishings. well, okay, so the bathroom has a bidet, and the kitchen - or, rather, the hallway between the main room and bathroom that serves as a "kitchen" - came with some stuff (namely, a hot plate, microwave, bar fridge and toaster oven), but otherwise, nada. so of course, i went to every cheapass twentysomething's home furnishing headquarters: ikea. the one nearest to me is in richmond, but that's still two bus rides away, and since i don't have a car (the point in owning one would be moot, as i've yet to attain any sort of driver's license), i bought a bed there - boxed-up frame, slats, separate midbeam, and foam mattress - and paid to have it delivered to my apartment on monday night.

but, of course, it is ikea -- you get what you pay for. so what i got was a bedframe that was missing two pieces (um, the baseboard legs) and without enough holes drilled in both sideboards and the centre support beam. oh yeah, and the instruction booklet was missing steps #7-12.

you can imagine my displeasure.

said displeasure was experienced by whatever poor customer service representative was on the receiving end of my calm and collected yet very, very angry phone call this afternoon.

in sum total: i'm getting a new bedset for free, delivered for free sometime within the next few days. when my father heard about this story, he laughed and said, "so you put on your mother's voice, did you?" i certainly did. (it's hard to explain unless you know her, but my mother is fantastic at getting things fixed her way when she's been wronged -- she gets very quiet and keeps her composure even and measured, then just verbally tears the offending party apart. gives no quarter and no area of compromise. seriously, nobody fucks with my mom. so, i've tried to adopt this tact whenever possible, and though i'm not as skilled at it as she is, i'm getting there)

on another positive note - really, the only thing that kept me from losing it yesterday - my gorgeous fetish military coat is finally coming! sure, it got lost in the mail for almost a month due to me not knowing my correct temporary address and so i didn't get it in time for halloween, but whatevs. you know i'll find other occasions to wear it. oh, will i ever.

news coming up:

i liked the fact that gang-war related stories were all over the covers of all the newspapers here in vancouver this morning. made me feel like i was back in toronto. (though as one of my cafe customers succinctly put it, "the difference between toronto gang members and our gang members is that ours don't shoot bystanders. they don't miss their targets.")

and okay, i know of a few friends who might garrot me for saying this, but really: fuck the beatles. i've been saying that a lot lately, given my manager's habit of playing his beatles albums seemingly nonstop every afternoon. though i think he just does that because he knows i get sick of their music in mere minutes. i am officially the worst music critic ever.

pete relapses! oh noes! well, we all kinda saw that coming...but the admittance and all the support is kind of sweet. i still believe in the doherty! (no, really. much love. keep an eye on for more developing news, i'm sure they've got the ticker running nonstop right now...)

speaking of the new musical express, they've got their annual "cool list" out, and xfm has your recap from across the pond. carlos d at #47! yeah, that's right. (though i'm sure we'd all be relieved if he shaved off the nasty cowboy `stache and went back to the vampire nazi look...but i'm sort of convinced he's keeping the wild-west style just to fuck with us)

back in the real world...with the majority of the errand-running out of the way (for now, anyway), lots of social time coming up: dinner at the naam with jenna tomorrow, boozing it up with my manager at some trashy downtown bar on friday night (yeah, you read that right -- i have an awesome workplace), japanese food with an old high school friend on saturday. life rolls on, and it is more or less good, my friends. thank you for still being here.

p.s. sorry about the last post. change of season.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

a moment of slight perfection

like the title says...

coming over the burrard bridge at quarter to seven in the morning, the sun just starting to rise over the water, the lights of downtown vancouver reflecting off the bay and the ocean, the mountains in the near distance, the sisters's song "driven like the snow" playing in my ears (seriously, go read those lyrics -- i'm not reprinting them here because i don't wanna get sued, but oh my god, oh my god, they were so perfect for that very moment that i wanted to cry), and i kind of sort of felt like that one moment in space and time might have been perfect, like a scene from a movie, the story of my life.

....i had a lot of weird dreams last night. well, no, not so weird because i can see how it all came together, subconscious notwithstanding -- the movie last week, my thoughts on it yesterday, facebook status changes, myspace bulletins, catching a fleeting glimpse of the scars on my back, memories, old ghosts. and it all went to remind me that i can't escape the last two years and all the things i did.

and i think about how it really is true that the bad guy - or girl - never wins in the end. i haven't yet, after all.

still no guilt and no shame, but no satisfaction in any of this either.

homespun desperation's knowing
inside your cover's always blown

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

hillsides at dusk

okay, better get the broadcast done first, so at least this blog isn't made up entirely of self-indulgent blather:

i heart music ranks the hottest bands in canada. our very own octo took part in what's probably the print equivalent, the top 10 canadian albums book. i think i actually recall being asked to contribute too, way back when, but i declined due to the fact that i'm not a huge fan of any contemporary canadian bands (and all the canadian bands i do like are those 90's alt-rock arena bands, or else canadian postgrunge acts that pretty much everybody hates and/or blames for nickelback). i'm patriotic in pretty much every other way, but i've really cooled off on the homegrown talent in the last couple years. i blame it on my discovering british music. mmmm...britrock.

idolator's large headline font informs us that the led zep reunion has been pushed back. i know a lot of wires have reported on it already, but i like idolator's healthy sarcasm and skepticism.

kate moss: the new yoko ono? whatevs, by now the pete drama is simmering down, and the new album is getting fair to middling reviews, so now he needs to run away and marry carlos in order to recapture my attention.

seriously: bran van 3000. seriously! i lol'd, i admit. i'm not always a nice person.

and man oh man, the king tut curse is gonna start laying some total smackdown. this just can't be good. didn't we learn anything from hollywood blockbuster horror movies?

oh yeah, and i saw control last week, and i...still don't know how exactly to describe the way i felt when the lights came up at the end. it was so painfully depressing but just so beautiful and passionate at the same time -- even watching that trailer on the website choked me up. funny, though, how one of the parts that affected me the most was when annik (ian's groupie mistress) was with ian when one of the guys told him that his wife was on the phone, and annik had this little smile on her face like oh, he's not going to take the call, he's going to stay here with me -- but then ian gets up and leaves the room, and the look on annik's face just crumples, and her eyes avert to the floor, and i was just sitting there thinking, fuck. i know that feeling. i know that feeling all too well, and way too many times over. but i guess i wouldn't be here if i ever learned from my past mistakes.

speaking of being here, since i'm now blogging from my new apartment on the west end...

after dumping close to $500 at ikea today - although that covered a lot, including my entire bed set and a load of cutlery and dishes - and raiding a few area dollar stores in order to get my kitchenware in order, i'm sort of spended out. at least i get my paychecque tomorrow, and though it's nice to actually have new things - all my old household stuff in toronto was hand-me-down from my parents, most of it excess from the divorce and its consequent split family amalgamations - it was pretty painful to be parting with so much money so quickly. i know it needs to be done, but my brain still tries to find ways around it (like, i was honestly considering just sleeping on a mattress on the floor before i remembered how drafty it is down there). i'm just a cheapass, i guess.

regardless, i'm not finished and probably won't be until late this month, so next up (as in, next payday when i can properly assess my finances): computer desk, chair for computer desk, a possible television set, and some myriad decorations to help this place feel a bit more home-y. i am here for at least the next ten months, after all, and i think with this little studio, it will actually be a pleasant experience. because seriously, looking out over my deck and seeing all of downtown and the north shore glittering like a thousand stars, a million little points of light...and i can kind of feel like i may have finally found my place.

p.s. i mailed a request - in actual letter form - to the reptile house today, politely asking if i could get a copy of the new order form. in my handwritten scrawl, i also added, "i think you guys are superfoxy rock gods." well, you know. i kinda had to.

p.p.s. leora and i were out drinking last night and semi-seriously discussed forming a band. uh-oh.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

under a black flag

after watching the depeche mode touring the angel: live in milan dvd at 1:30 a.m. in the seattle-tacoma airport - and this was after i somehow managed to sleep on the floor of the waiting area for an uncomfortable hour - i've determined that i would probably totally bang martin gore. yeah, i said it.

but first, uh, okay seriously -- this please:

were this 1985 (and i would be my current age as opposed to, well, two), i would totally hit that. hit that fucking hard.

(what differs me from your common young music journalist is that i actually say this shit out loud. might get me in trouble someday, but eh, i'm a freelancer. take me as i am.)

anyway, apologies for the random blackouts in posting lately. things have been busy both before and after los angeles, what with the job-finding and apartment-hunting (and finding!) and actually getting to know this city a little bit. (conclusion: less than ten dollars can buy you an absolute assload of sushi in this town.) the new job itself is promising; despite the district manager changing my shift (i was supposed to work from monday to friday, 8:30-5 -- now i'm working 7-3:30 instead, which does not please me at all), it seems like a good deal: full-time barista in an upscale cafe located in an office building, which means i get the weekends off and presumably plenty of stat holidays as well. plus there's only four employees including myself, so it's a nice little tight-knit group. (not to mention the fact that tips split only four ways are quite sizeable indeed) now, to actually survive getting back in the swing of having to go to bed early and waking up at some ungodly hour to go to work...stupid coffee shops.

also, as mentioned, there are new living quarters! i am now a resident of vancouver's dunbar neighbourhood, sort of between lower kitsilano and upper kerrisdale. it's all west end anyway, and my apartment (a second-floor studio bachelor with a lovely little deck) is up on a hill, so i've got a gorgeous view of downtown and the north shore. really, that was the biggest selling point for me (although the sheer oddity that is the honest to god bidet in the bathroom ranks up there) -- the idea of being able to look out over the lights of the city that i gave up pretty much everything for is like a dream come true. i'm moving my shit over there later tonight and it's going to be a nice beginning, i think.

in the meantime, there has been: a lot of coffee, fireworks, bus rides, getting lost on the bus, tears, hugs, reunions, black pvc, new articles (though i'm still slightly miffed over how much that second one got edited), socializing, partying, rock star obsessing, and generally good times. i figure after i get settled in at my own place - and it really will have to be settling in, as i've signed a ten-month lease, which means i'm a vancouver girl until august 2008 - maybe this city will finally start feeling less like a vacation (or an escape) and more like home.

i guess i better get back to reporting on the pop culture news, but that may have to keep on waiting -- my new place has internet but not wireless, so i have to wait until i get the proper cables hooked up in order to get access in my unit. either way, i'll try to make it out to a hotspot at some point in the next few days in order to update again, hopefully with photos of the new headquarters.

you are all being very patient and i love you all.

i leave you with the top 25 most played songs on the lilithpod right now:

1. never let me down again - depeche mode
2. running up that hill - placebo
3. goodnight goodbye - kill hannah
4. i wanna be a kennedy - kill hannah
5. sweet troubled soul - stellastarr*
6. enjoy the silence - depeche mode
7. in the walls - stellastarr*
8. chemicals between us - bush
9. i bet you look good on the dancefloor - arctic monkeys
10. stripped - depeche mode
11. foxy foxy - rob zombie
12. the hanging garden - the cure
13. beaujolais - towers of london
14. lucretia my reflection - alkaline trio
15. this picture - placebo
16. kennedy - kill hannah
17. bling (confession of a king) - the killers
18. blood - editors
19. stripped - shiny toy guns
20. post blue - placebo
21. she sells sanctuary - the cult
22. strangelove - depeche mode
23. english summer rain - placebo
24. golden touch - razorlight
25. just like heaven - the cure

[ music | the cure, "one hundred years" ]