Saturday, May 12, 2012


i forgot that having things to look forward to is one of my prime sources of daily happiness. nothing does it for me like anticipation.

seeing the avengers for the second and third time: i haven't seen a movie in theatres more than twice...uh, ever. (even seeing a movie in theatres twice is extremely rare for me.) but goddammit if i wasn't counting down the days until this movie came out, and so now i want to make the most of it while it's still on the big screen. it's not even that there are easter eggs or things that i miss each time around -- no, i just want to watch it again and again unto infinity. ever since i fell in love with x-men vs. street fighter as a young teen (going back even further, my favourite spider-man: the animated series arc involved spidey meeting the x-men), nothing gives me a bigger geek-ladyboner than crossovers. and to see this multi-movie crossover on the big screen, with a skinny gothy hottie of a villain who does crazy things to my ladybits?

anyway, as i said before, i saw avengers by myself the third day it was out in theatres, and now i'm going again tomorrow afternoon, and then i'm taking dean to see it on monday. hopefully he won't mind terribly when i start drooling and making take-me-now whimpering noises every time loki is onscreen. (as an observation, i find it funny that although i've been dating a warm, sunny blond for five years now, i still have a thing for the pale dark-haired boys of the night)

spring being here, and summer coming up: yep. the sunshine and green growing things automatically seem to make everything better and more awesome.

dresses on the way: and these two are next on my wishlist, even though they sort of look the same:

not sure yet on the second one since it's sort of mumsy (i generally recoil at things that button up), but the first one has just the right amount of gauzy gothiness.

nxne in june: i'm going back into the press pit for this one, and it's actually made me way more excited than i'd initially expected. sure, i'm doing it gratis, but i sort of realized that maybe that's the key to keeping up with my music journalism -- i don't need it to live (i have a day job for that), so why not do pieces here and there for free, if only to keep my name out there and my portfolio updated? i'm still not sure it'll ever pan out as a career, but old habits die hard. and i do love the feel of a press pass around my neck during a music festival.

kingston for canada day weekend: usually i'm not that thrilled to go back to k-town, but i really do enjoy it in the summertime, and i also haven't seen my family since christmas. since this is the first long weekend of the summer, i figured i might as well take it from my old home. kingston's also really quite nice in june/july, especially when it comes to watching fireworks from confederation basin.

montreal on july 14-16: this was a split-second decision brought on by two things - a weird longing to visit montreal again (i haven't been since the bachelorette weekend last september), and via rail's 50% off sale (the same one i used to score the trip above as well). when these two circumstances collided, it resulted in me booking this mid-july trip for no reason whatsoever other than that i want to. the arbitrary timing ended up being super-great, too -- now i'm going to be meeting up with internet friends, hopefully seeing my favourite uncle, finally re-visiting old montreal, and hanging out on patios across downtown. not sure yet if this will be a solo trip - the boy's working on a show through the summer and doesn't know if he can get the time off - but either way, i'm stoked.

new york city on august 2-5: ...this one actually is a trip with the boy -- i'm tagging along as he heads down to nyc for a weekend to practice with a old friend's band that he'll be doing a one-off gig (in, uh, indiana) with in the fall. so while there'll hopefully be mornings and evenings in between band practice to explore the city together, there'll still be plenty of time for me to trek across downtown nyc and visit both friends and old favourite haunts from my last trip (two years ago!). my only point of apprehension is that we're flying there, but we're taking porter (they of the free in-air snacks and booze) and it's only about an hour and a half, so i think i'll be okay.

coming soon in pop culture: stephen king's follow-up novel to the shining. depeche mode are likely touring next year. the stanley cup playoffs have almost reached their conclusion, but in the meantime there's been hockey almost every day. and so on, and so forth.

and now for game 7 of rangers-capitals. woooo!

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